Monday, October 31, 2011

Arches National Park

We spent yesterday in Arches National Park. It has definitely moved to the top of the best places I have ever been. I truly loved our day there - words escape me that express the beauty of such a place on earth!

The one thing I didn't know about Arches was the steep road up into the Park. We could have dropped off our trailer at the Visitor's Center but hooking and unhooking is not on Derek's favourites list. Plus it was nice to have all our stuff with us as it allowed us to stop for lunch and coffee.

Although we pulled in along the road here and there our first stop was The Windows Section. The parking lot was very busy and so we parked in the lower lot. Therefore we walked to the Cove of Caves Double Arch and didn't go up to the North/South Windows. It was a nice - and hot - hike up and we got some great pictures.

Walking up to the Double Arch.

The Double Arch

Then it was on to the Delicate Arch viewpoint. It was a good - and fairly - strenuous hike up to the Lower Delicate Arch Viewpoint. You can hike up to the Delicate Arch but that would have been too far for us with Cassia in tow. We are also feeling the effects of the higher elevation, we were at 760 feet in Lytton, BC and now we are at approx. 6500 feet.

The arch at the top is Delicate Arch - there are actually people up there!

The 3 of us at the Delicate Arch lower viewpoint. DA is to the left of us.

It was a well spent day. This is what we came here to see and we thoroughly enjoyed our day - breathtaking. Like Carlsbad Caverns I wish that everyone would have a chance to visit this place.

Check our flickr site for all our Arches National Park pictures!

Today's Interesting Link: Since our camera could never do this place justice - please visit the Arches National Park website for great pictures.


  1. Beautiful day! Another place on our list of places to see...too many places, not enough time!

  2. Yep, Arches Park is on our must see list as well. We have been reading RV Dreams for years, and Howard and Linda did a workamping stint there. Of course they had lots of time to tour around. We have been hooked ever since. Take care .. TnT


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