Monday, October 17, 2011

Baker City to Nampa, Idaho

We truly had a great time in Baker City - as mentioned in the last post we woke up Sunday morning and went to see the historic downtown. We were really impressed with the historic buildings and houses which we viewed by walking a few blocks up and down main street.

Being Sunday everything was closed but we did happen upon the last day of a garage type sale in one of the large stone buildings.  Everything was free and so Cassia and I headed in to take a look while Derek spoke with the owner of the building on the sidewalk. It was neat to see inside the old building and I did find a book to take along with us.

Main Street Baker City, Oregon

My favouite house in the neighbourhood - the one on the left.

After that we headed back to the I84 east on our way to Idaho - losing an hour along with the way as we entered into the mountain time zone. We stopped briefly at the first Idaho rest area/visitor center thrilled to find free coffee and wifi.

We made good time to Nampa arriving around 2:30 at our friends place where we are currently enjoying their hospitality - good food, a queen size bed, a huge living room for Cassia to run around in, lots of toys, laundry and showers - ahhhhhhh - indoor plumbing. Not sure how long we will stay - time will tell! Rain is gone and sunny skies.

Today's Interesting Links: Just wanted to mention two blogs that we are following - both Canadian couples. The first is Kevin and Ruth who are in Mexico - a really valuable site for us to learn about rving in Mexico. The second is Trent and Teresa from Regina, Sask who are on their maiden voyage south for the winter. Check them out!


  1. Thanks for the mention, Teresa. Sure hoping that we will have a chance to meet up down here in Mexico. Sounds like you are enjoying your time on the road. Have fun with your friends, glad to hear the sun is shinning.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. No worries - I know that others will enjoy your travels and great pics as much as we do......would be great to meet up - fingers crossed!

  3. Awwww....thanks for the mention !!

    Wouldn't that be great to meet up this winter.

    Teresa and I have all sorts of questions about working for BCP's and we would like to get some more tips from you about travelling to Texas.

    Take care ... TnT


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