Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kelowna to Soap Lake, Washington

Well - here we are - we have officially started our trip south! It has been a crazy couple of days with so much to do before we crossed the border.

We left the park around lunch time Thursday and headed to Kelowna - Roofous got his rabies shot and we got our medical insurance and updated our truck/trailer insurance since they come due in November. We were going to spend the night at Walmart but decided to head downtown Kelowna to be close to the passport office when it opened first thing Friday morning. We picked up our passports early and headed out to Keremeos to pay for our storage and have breakfast and then headed for the border.

Once in the USA going south on 97 our first stop was Omak. Omak is the first stop in and the last stop on the way out since there is a Walmart Supercenter. We bought some groceries since we had little due to the border crossing, got gas at $3.749/gallon (about $1.00/L) and - yup - got smokes for Derek @ a wonderful (crazy to be saying that I know) $12.75/carton.

Our first official stop was at the Chief Joseph Dam rest area just north of Bridgeport. What a great spot! A playground for Cassia, nice washrooms AND a water faucet. A water faucet maybe not sound exciting but if we can find free water we are thrilled.

Last night we slept on the side of the road since it was getting dark - we thought we might be able to park at the Lake Lenore Caves but of course a no camping sign. This morning we are in Soap Lake. We stopped at the town dump station. We were headed out when Derek felt the truck slow - he pulled back in to the parking lot to check under the hood. What did he find! A whole bunch of chewed wires courtesy of the pack rats at the park! He has taped them together - hope the truck is running ok - stayed tuned!


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