Sunday, November 6, 2011

Roswell to Brownfield, Texas

We arrived in Brownfield Texas yesterday afternoon just after lunch. We didn't have far to go from Roswell - around 130 miles straight east through the plains. It was a fairly quick ride of about 2 1/2 hours - it was a bit windy with a storm brewing to the west. The landscape was very prairie like - flat. As we traveled closer to Brownfield we understood why the name for the town - lots of red/brown soil to the east - a cotton growing area. Brownfield is about 30 miles in from the state line - HELLO TEXAS!

Today we are enjoying Coleman County Park on the south side of Brownfield. I found this campsite when I checked our handy Texas tourist book - a free campground! I then confirmed it online at - a free campground with water, electric, sani and wifi. Freecampgrounds is a great resource for places to park $10 and less. I am always checking it to find places to stop -- after all we don't like paying to camp - well I should say we would be all for it if it fit in the budget - but paying to camp every night is beyond us.

Coleman Park is full of Pecan Trees!

There are 12 sites here - the van in front of us is from Ontario.

We are now parked here and enjoying a bit of luxury - 24 hr wifi and all the electricity we need. This gives us a chance to catch up on things and watch some movies. When we left Nampa our friend K. sent us off with a whole bag of DVDs.

Cassia finally got a chance to take her baby for a ride this morning.

It is a beautiful warm day here today - we can stay here for up to 5 days. After that we will continue our trip south - the Hill Country is our next destination.

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