Tuesday, November 15, 2011

let's go to Luckenbach Texas....

Here we are in New Braunfels Texas - but first! let me just say that we went through Luckenback Texas! No big deal you say - I even had to explain - and sing - the song to Derek - and he likes country music! "Let's go to Luckenbach Texas..." is a line in the song by Waylon and Willie - click to listen - loveeeeee it!

Along the many roads we travel I try to make it a point - if we can - to go through the town/cities made famous by songs. To date I have been disappointed - Winslow Arizona (Eagles) was a scary place and El Paso (Marty Robbins) is just a HUGE city. We still have Galveston on our itinerary for this trip - but at least I can now tick off Luckenbach. Hard to be disappointed with this place since there really isn't anything there. But Sunday night on our way from Fredricksburg to New Braunfels we drove through just so I could at least take a picture. It wasn't ideal since the sun was setting but I did get this picture of the old post office - not a post office anymore - now it is the general store that sells all sorts of souvenirs. We saw a large grass parking lot on our way in and so I asked if we could park there for the night. It is $15 to dry camp so we moved on - but glad to have seen it - not much there - a large area with seating - seems that they have music events going on most days/evenings.

The Luckenbach General Store

We carried on along a back country road which wasn't the best idea since it was getting dark. Blanco was the best we could do - so we pulled up to the parking in the deserted downtown square and spent the night.

Monday morning we were up early and after a quick walk through Blanco's park we headed down the 281 to catch the 46 over to New Braunfels. A beautiful drive through rolling hills and lots of trees.

Once in New Braunfels we headed to our destination the Berean Bible Church. We have been reading and listening to and are fb friends with Pastor Jerry Lockhart and so decided that we should stop in as we travel through Texas. At home we don't have a Rightly Dividing the Word Church to go to and so thought it would be nice to meet some of our brethern. We are now parked in behind with a very beautiful and restful garden to enjoy.

While here - in addition to the fellowship, sermons and bible studies - we would also like to see a bit of New Braunfels which is just over 30 miles north east of San Antonio. There is the Gruene Historic District, downtown New Braunfels and Landa Park - where they have a miniature train we would like to take Cassia on. We are big train buffs and would love to take a trip on the real thing but the mini kind will have to do for now. Ideally we would like to visit downtown San Antonio and the River Walk while we are here. We were hoping that they had a bus for us to take since we would rather not take on the interstate and traffic - sadly that is not an option - so for the second time I think we may miss San Antonio.

This morning we awoke to a thunderstorm. It rained for the next few hours so we decided to stay around the Church for the day. Once the rain slowed down we were able to get out of our trailer that gets really small with a 2 1/2 year old for any length of time. It wasn't long before Cassia found a huge puddle to run around in. While Derek had a conversation with Jerry, Cassia and I spent some time in the Church's toddler room which of course was the next thing to heaven for Cassia.

Yes, she got very wet - but that doesn't matter - does it! She had fun!

The weather is supposed to be pretty nice for the rest of the week so we are going to get out and do some exploring plus get some laundry done.

Pictures of New Braunfels Texas coming soon!

Today's Interesting Link: For something different - in addition to following other road warrior blogs I also enjoy following world traveler blogs. I have several listed on my blogroll on the right - why not visit Bacon is Magic. A strange name I will admit but I have been enjoying traveling along with Ayngelina - a single Canadian who started out traveling to Central and South America but has since headed further afield.


  1. We visited New Braunfels while we waited for roof repairs in San Antonio. The old bar there has quite a history with photos of most of the singers and groups who have performed there over the years. It is the place where George Strait's band performed for years and where he was on the verge of giving up music before he was "discovered". So much history in that part of Texas.

    1. We LOVE that area - could live there for sure! So much to see and do! It would be nice to just be able to head over to Lukenbach to listen to the music that goes on there.

  2. I noticed your family trip to Berean Bible Church with Jerry Lockhart in New Braunfels, Tx. My son recently moved there and I have been unable to find any contact information for them or address. Would you be able to provide anything that you know? Thank you, Clay Madsen 770-871-9493


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