Thursday, November 10, 2011

Texas 87

What a pleasant surprise we got today! First, we said goodbye to Coleman Park this morning promptly at 11:00 and after a stop at the sani we were on our way. Thanks for the free campground Brownfield! On our way south - to Lamesa and then on to Big Spring. Big Spring has a Walmart Supercenter so that was our destination to stock up - we were out of almost everything!

The plan was to sleep at Walmart tonight but since we arrived at 1:00 it was pretty early. By the time we shopped and had lunch it was just after 3:00 so we decided to continue on.

The new plan was to push all the way to Brady - thinking that it would be better to go through San Angelo during the early evening and thus missing rush hour.

Throw that plan out the window - as we were getting closer to San Angelo we saw a sign for a rest area (nothing new of course) but wait - look - a sign for wifi and it sure looks like a nice rest area - let's go take a look.

Our home for the night.

We see A LOT of stars in Texas.

Well, we pulled in and thought - lets stay here! A very nice and CLEAN rest area - and wifi!

Thanks Texas  Department of Transportation!

Front of the Restroom & Information Building - love the golden stone they used.

The first thing we did was go for a walk around.

Today's Interesting Link: I would be remiss if I didn't pass on TexTreks - the provider of our internet at the rest area. Check out the site for lots of great info on Texas - boy do we LOVE Texas - really!


  1. Gotta love boondocking when you find places like this.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. You guys sure make traveling around an attractive idea! Those of us stuck in the daily grind salute you!!!

  3. What can we say Deborah - we love it and do what it takes to be able to do it! xo T


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