Thursday, November 3, 2011

Goosenecks to Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

On Tuesday morning we headed out from Goosenecks west on 163 towards Monument Valley. Initially we were going to forgo MV and head back to 191 south and the over to Shiprock and Farmington. However, once we got in we decided jut to keep going. The Monument Valley area is a beautiful drive. You have to drive into the Visitor Center to see MV up close but we didn't go in. Instead we carried on into Arizona and Kayenta.

Once in Kayenta we stopped for gas. You wouldn't believe what Derek found when he stopped. One of us forgot to close the front window cover and it was sticking up and all bent up. Some more tense moments. Turns out that Derek let it down the night before but didn't fasten it - so - thankfully it wasn't my fault!

From Kayenta we took route 59 which was a bit dodgy since it goes through the Navajo Reservation and is a yellow road on our map - which at least means it is paved. We took it because it was a good short cut over to Chinle. Well - it was a great and very quite road - very scenic. Once in Chinle we headed into the town to the Canyon de Chelly.

We learned in the Visitor Center that the Cottonwood Camground right next door had space and was free. So, we headed down to find a spot deciding to go see the ruins the next day.

Instead we walked around and treated ourselves to a Navajo Taco at the Lodge next door. We have loved Navajo tacos since our first in 2006 in Cameron by the Grand Canyon. We try to have a least on NT each trip.

It was yummy.......

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