Thursday, November 3, 2011

Grants to Roswell, NM

Well it has been quite a day! Another big travel day but we also had quite a few stops along the way. We headed out this morning east on I40 towards Albuquerque - thankfully we could head south just before this big city on route 6 to Los Lunas. At Los Lunas we got back on the interstate this time I25 which took us to Socorro where we headed east on route 380.

Highway 380 is actually a really great road - particularly from Carrizozo to Picacho. We had many stops along the way.

Valley of Fires: There is a BLM campground here that we could have camped at for $12 no hook ups or $18 with water and electric. Because this area is still so cold we decided to continue on. Plus we are pretty cheap and don't want to pay to camp just yet. We did pull in however to look at the view of the lava flow from 5,000 years ago. There were quite a few RVs there.

Smokey the Bear Historical Site: Well we had to stop in and see where Smokey the Bear got his start. Not sure if you all know that there was a real Smokey the Bear - he was found just after a fire in the area when he was 2 1/2 months old. He went on to live until 25 at the Washington DC Zoo. Here in Capitan New Mexico where he was found is where he is buried. We enjoyed the look around the displays and a walk through the garden to the grave site. Smokey the Bear and the time that he was big is a sentimental moment for Derek and so he was happy to visit.

Smokey the Bear's grave site.

Lincoln County Site Monument: We almost drove right through the town of Lincoln until we realized all the old buildings it had along the main drive through and the many placards. We decided to pull over and have a look. We were glad we did - so many of the old buildings survive from the late 1800's. If you know your Billy the Kid history this is where he was and where the Lincoln County War shootout took place. We even met a couple from New Brunswick strolling the street as well.

Bradley's Fruit Stand: We actually had to turn around for this stop. Derek just couldn't let a fruit stand go by that was all nicely decorated with apples and pumpkins. Run by a nice couple we purchased some Buttered Pecan Syrup, Fatman's Beef Jerky (from Roswell), and a few tomatoes. They don't have a website but here is the link - we recommend stopping in if you are going by.

So, we came a long way today, the temperature is warmer and we are at Sam's Club right now in Roswell in a quite place in the parking lot with a big rig in front of us and free wifi. Tomorrow we take on Roswell --------- stay tuned.

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