Saturday, November 19, 2011

What a great day!

Well, what can I say - we had a GREAT day here in New Braunfels. Sit back and get comfortable - I think this is going to be a long post. We did so much and had so much fun and have the photos to prove it although looking at them they really don't do the day justice. And just so you don't think it was a cool grey day here - no way - the sky was overcast but it was a good thing. I think it was about 80F here today and with the humidity it was hot enough for us. When the sun did come out we almost fainted.

The New Braunfels Farmer's Market was our first stop this morning. We were up early so that we could be there just after it opened. We love farmer's markets and have been to our share of good ones - particularly while living on Vancouver Island. But we have to admit to this being one of the best ever due to the quality of products. The NB market won best farmer's market in Texas 2011 - we can see why!

The problem of course was what we were going to spend our money on - choices HAD to be made! After doing the circuit a few times we honed in on our choices.... Goat's Cheese from Ragels Ziegenhof, Sourdough Bread from Dough Baby, Baba ganoush, 2 types of honey - one from Round Rock Honey, Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler in a jar and Chow Chow and extra hot Chow Chow, and Citrus Oatmeal Goat's Milk Soap. We also shared a pork pastor tamale for lunch. Wow! Here are the pics!

hmmmmm goat cheese from Ragels Ziegenhof

Honey from Round Rock Honey - up near Austin.

Everything you could think of - and more!

Goat milk soap!

The  music was supplied by these 2 guys - the little girl was dancing and they invited here up to sing - wow! she was great - what a voice - complete with a Texas twang.

After the market we headed - as promised to Cassia - to Landa Park. We of course were going back for a ride on the miniature train. What a fun ride around the park! Past the playgrounds, the picnic areas, waterway and ducks. If we thought we were going to get out of Landa Park without a trip to the playground - someone else in our family had a totally different idea. What a parent won't do! We braved the very very busy playground for Cassia's round of slides. A promise of ice cream finally was the trick to move her on. Good going Dad - now we have to FIND some ice cream and not just any ice cream, but the creamy high butterfat kind ! Here are the pics from Landa Park.

Enjoying our farmer's market purchases for lunch in the park - Cassia only had time for a quick wave.

Now in search of some ice cream we decided we may as well head over to the Gruene Historic District. After getting directions from the lady parked beside us we headed out. WoW! Who knew that everyone else would be there too! 

Gruene is obviously a popular weekend destination. After finding a place to park on the outskirts we headed in to take a look. There is no way our pictures do this place justice - with all the mingling, shops, restaurant and music this is a great place - one we will not forget soon! We finally found out that the ice cream was to be had at the Gruene General Store - and what a place that was. After some butter pecan and double chocolate we realized that we had finally worn ourselves out. 

I don't think we were in the truck two minutes when Cassia was sound asleep! So we took a leisurely tour of New Braunfels back to the Church driving through a few parks and neighbourhoods. If we have any more 'perfect moments' here in Texas Hill Country - I seriously don't think we will leave! 

Sans a child - with the great music coming out of here - we could have sat the afternoon away.

Every little girl needs a raccoon hat.....

Cassia realizing that she is FINALLY going to get the promised ice cream.

Santa visit Texas style!

Gotta love all the flowers in November - we loved this bush.

So - that was our day. 

Today's Interesting Link: We have several favourite radio stations when on the road down here in the South. Here we have been listening to 92.1 FM KNBT Radio New Braunfels. It's Americana y'all!

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