Monday, November 28, 2011

Traveling with a now 2 1/2 year old

I have been meaning to write about - traveling with a toddler for some time now thinking it would be an interesting topic to cover. Today seemed like a good day since Cassia is now 2 1/2 years old or 30 months. WoW!

A collage of pictures of Cassia for family.

By coming down south and traveling around the USA for the winter months from Canada we are essentially 'snowbirds' although younger then most so we often call ourselves 'snow fledglings'.  We meet many snowbirds on our travels and compare notes etc. and we follow many of their blogs. We have much in common - we all have RVs (although ours is pretty small), we have pets and so on-  BUT I have yet to see another that has a toddler on board. We tend to get a few surprised looks.

Cassia comfy on the road in her car seat complete with blanket and baby.

Last year while boondocking in  Arizona and California at places like Quartzsite and Holtville Cassia was VERY popular among the snowbirds we met. I don't think a movie star would have garnered as much attention as Cassia did when we arrived at the Holtville Hotspring for a soak. Many were grandparents missing their grandchildren back home. Cassia was happy to fill the void.

Cassia playing with sticks last year already. What is great is that she is growing up outdoors.

We are not alone traveling full time or semi full time in an RV with our child. In fact, there are lots of families that do it - and most with many kids. How about the Our Traveling Tribe blog - there are 13 (2 parents + 11 kids) of them in an RV!  Fulltime Families is an association to connect these families.  If you go to their member list you can find a whole list of family blogs. Our one seems like childsplay to others.

This is our second trip south for the winter with Cassia along. Last year she was 18 to 22 months old, this year it will be 29 to 34 months. Our first trip in 2008 of course was the two of us. So we know the difference between traveling with her and without.

Last year Cassia learned very quickly not to fall on the desert rocks and she was learning to climb stairs.

The main differences are the things we do (or don't do) and the stuff we carry!

For instance, we spend a lot of time at parks and playgrounds - I don't think either Derek or I have been in one since we were kids. We also do things now like ride in miniature trains around parks or feed the ducks. On the other hand we spend a lot less time in museums and stores.

Derek and I also feel at times that we are pulling around Cassia's trailer and we are just along for the ride. As most of you know, toddlers need? or have a lot of stuff. Cassia has the largest clothes closet! Although we really tried to limit her toys and have containers and baskets to try to keep them under control they sure seem to spread themselves about.

There are challenges of course. On cool or rainy days our 135 sq ft is just not big enough for the 3 of us and a toddlers energy bouncing off the walls. If we can't spend most of the day outside everyones patience start to get a little thin. We also have trouble getting Cassia to sleep some nights since our trailer is one area with no way to section it off.

All in all we wouldn't trade it! We live with less stuff so that we can be with Cassia full time and for us that means living in our RV during the winter months - it is the most affordable option. Living this lifestyle and traveling with children is possible - there are many who do it and happy to offer their experiences and advice. We truly believe that Cassia benefits from spending much of her time outdoors seeing and experiencing the wonderful places and people in it. You can probably tell from the previous posts pictures that she enjoys it as much as we do.

Last year Cassia spent much of her time on Derek's back.

I could probably go on for pages with this topic - if you have any questions ask them in the comment section or email us at

Happy 2 1/2 years old sweet daughter Cassia! You are loved beyond measure. Love Mommy & Daddy.

Today's Interesting Link: Jamie Morrison Curtis is also a mother to a two year old. She began writing advice to her daughter Scarlet Jane. She put these down on a blog 500 Pieces of Prudent Advice for my Daughter which has now turned into a book - maybe you have seen it in stores. Although I don't necessarily agree with all, there are many I will definitely be passing on to Cassia as well.


  1. Cassia is very fortunate to have loving parents that are showing her the beauty all around us.

    There is no doubt in our minds that she will benefit from this exposure to nature, but mainly from having two full time parents !!

    Teresa is itchin' to get her hands on that little sweetheart ... LOL

    Take care ... TnT

  2. Such kind words! thank you so much TnT. Sure hope we can meet in person sometime this winter!


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