Sunday, November 27, 2011

San Augustine Texas 3

Rain rain rain! that was yesterday - it rained the whole day. And so it was an indoor day for us - playing, eating, napping, watching Winnie the Pooh and Davey and Goliath. Cassia being young (you remember right - not caring what the temperature was outside) did venture out though - with red slicker and boots she was good to go - although she only lasted a few minutes. The novelty wore off really quickly. I am sure the locals were thrilled with the moisture, since there has been a long drought. With heat, lights and wifi we were content to spend the day indoors.

Roofous was really wet and obviously not too impressed!

All Cassia needed was a stick and some mud.....

to do some painting!

With all that laziness yesterday we couldn't justify driving to the store today, even though it was cool and blustery. I think it only got up to 51F / 11C today - not much warmer then at home which showed a forecast of 8C. 

We found a great route to the shops on the other side of the bridge that took us under the bridge after walking along a back road. Our route led us to the Visitor's Center which has a very long promenade along which we could walk. Cassia actually got out of the stroller to experience the walk herself as always mesmerized by the twinkle lights that they have strung along it's entire length. 

Dad and daughter looking down at the creek.

The lights must look beautiful at night.

After picking up a few items at Brookshire Brothers and filling Cassia's stroller tires with much needed air (for a mere $1 - ouch!) we headed back from wence we came. 

It looks nice but there was a cold wind - good thing the sun was out.

Our route included walking past the rail yards. We were surprised to see a restaurant amongst the rail cars. We went to take a closer look - it seems like a neat place. Closed on Sundays as was the Cookie Factory :-(

The Ice House Depot - looks like it could be a happenin' place.

One of the things Derek and I were talking about on our walk - to mention in the blog - is how much attention Roofous gets! Boy if we could only figure out how to make money with that.....ha ha. Today we must have gotten about six 'beautiful' dog comments. It is one of the most consistent things about our life if you can imagine. Ever since Roofous was a pup this has happened but probably even more comments now that he has filled out. Several times a day we stop to talk about Roofous. He is also very popular among children with all of them wanting to pet him. We guess that there just aren't many 'snow dogs' down here in the south. 

And so it was a much more productive day today - this our second to last day at the Mission Dolores RV Park. Tuesday we continue our trek east with Natchitoches Louisiana as our next destination. Sad to be leaving Texas (have we mentioned how much we LOVE Texas) but we will be back again in a few months time. 

The City of Natchitoches is called the 'City of Lights' which works well for us because we love lights and for Derek and I Christmas isn't complete without them. They are having a huge festival next weekend and expect around 100,000 people for that - a few too many people for us. Instead we are going to stop in this week and hopefully find a place to stealth camp downtown so that we can stroll the streets at night to take in the 300,000 lights. I wonder if we should splurge on a horse carriage ride through the downtown at night - bet Cassia would love that!

Today's Interesting Link: In fact when we knew we were going to be in the deep south for Christmas a few months back I googled 'where is the best place to spend Christmas' - Natchitoches comes back as one of the top spots in the USA. With so many people expected for the festival the secret must be out! Here is their Christmas Festival website so you can see for yourself. You might want to keep it in mind for the future. 

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