Wednesday, November 23, 2011

San Augustine Texas

Well it has been a busy two days with a lot of traveling and quite a collection of pictures again. We were sad to leave Pastor Jerry Lockhart and his wife Barbara at the Berean Bible Church in New Braunfels - we were there for a week and enjoyed our stay so much. We enjoyed the fellowship with other Right Dividers and sitting in on the Sunday Sermon. We also enjoyed, as you can see from the previous few posts, our time touring around New Braunfels. But we packed up Tuesday morning and with a final conversation and a round of pictures we headed out.

Pastor Jerry and Barbara Lockhart. 

After making our way back onto the Interstate headed north we happily left it again at San Marcos to catch the 21 - which is a busy little route all it's own. We were excited since this (eastern Texas) is uncharted territory for us. Although we hadn't been to New Braunfels we had been to the Hill Country back in 2008 but never this far east. The trip was fairly uneventful and not overly scenic for the first bit but once we got through the largest of the towns, Bryan/College Station it sure prettied up! WoW! we started to say.

We had decided to stock up on supplies in Crockett since we were headed to the Davey Crockett National Forest campground for a few days. Since it was dinner time we decided to spend the time at  Walmart last night.

Not the best picture - but look at the trees - and how green it is!

First thing this morning we headed there - a mere 16 miles away. All excited as we pulled in we were greeted with 'CLOSED' Yikes! What! Since the gate was unlocked we drove in - somewhere in our minds thinking that it wasn't REALLY true. But sure enough, although we could drive in, there was obviously no camping. Now the issue was that we needed to pull in to turn around. So I headed out on foot to investigate. Seeing somebody working up ahead I went to talk with them. I spoke with two rangers that told me that a tornado had come through last April and then with the drought this summer the trees were really suffering.

So sad - it looks like a very beautiful campground - Radcliffe Lake - we'll try again next year I guess. After successfully turning around we headed into Radcliffe down the road to the Ranger Station to see what our other options were. Ultimately we decided to head onto Nacogoches 20 miles down the road - one of our destinations.

Radcliffe Lake campground in Davey Crockett National Forest.

Nacogoches is the 'Oldest Town in Texas'. We drove into the downtown headed to the Visitor Center. It has a nice downtown with lots of shops - and so we parked along main street and took a stroll around. In the VC Derek found it interesting that they had their last public hanging here in 1902!

The Nacogdoches Visitor's Center.

 Almost all the walkways around the VC are stamped - amazing.

 A courtyard with a garden - so nice!

One of the most beautiful places we have now been is between Nacogdoches and San Augustine! What a great drive! We have NOW found our most favourite place ever! Rolling hills, green grass, beautiful trees, agriculture. We are enthralled with this area and know for sure that we will be back.

I remembered that I had found in my research an RV park with a Visitor Center in San Augustine just down the road - with full hookups and showers! yaaa - so we once again got back into the truck and headed there.

And so - here we are at the Mission Dolores Visitor Center and RV Park. Of course it didn't takes us long to go for a walk - beautiful - just as the sun was setting.

Full Hookups! pure luxury for $12 a night!

One of the great things about Cassia - of which there are many - is that she is happy playing with sticks.

....and running around on the grass.


I am not sure how, but Derek has talked me into staying here a week! A week! Well we do have it all for a really really good price. Guess we will have some time to look around. Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving here I guess our stroll downtown will have to wait until Friday! 

Each day is a new canvas to paint upon. Make sure your picture is full of life and happiness, and at the end of the day you don't look at it and wish you had painted something different.

Happy Thanksgiving 

to all my American Friends and Family, 
Enjoy your day together!

Today's Interesting Link: I know this is very off topic but I have been wanting to add it for some time. As a child I was really into art and making things - boy do I hope Cassia will be the same. I ran across this blog - The Artful Parent. Maybe pass it on to all the people with kids in their lives. Nothing better then kids being creative!

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