Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Braunfels Texas

As promised we have some pictures of New Braunfels. This morning - albeit with a late start - we headed out to do our laundry, see downtown New Braunfels, get propane and maybe stop in at Landa Park.

It was nice to get our laundry out of the way first. We stopped at the New Braunfels Laundry - 45 minutes later and $5.75 lighter - we came away with all clean clothes!

From there is was a quick drive to the downtown. Before we left Jerry gave us some tips about downtown and where the good bakeries were. We headed to Naegelin's being the 'oldest bakery in Texas' from 1868. We each chose a treat and headed out back to sit and eat. We were so hot from walking around and needed some shade.

In the parking lot beside Naegelin's is this mural. The mural is of Lindheimer the Father of Texas Botany.

After that we strolled around a bit and then headed back to the truck. On the way we passed by 2tarts bakery - which looks to have great items as well. I really like there brand - the colours of the website and their ads.

After making the trip to Camper World to have our propane tank filled we headed back downtown to Landa Park. We are still going to go to the Park on Saturday to take the little train - but decided to stop in today to look around. The first stop was the playground but after that we went to walk along the water - the Comal River and visit with the ducks.

Within the Landa Park is this live oak from 1700!

A lady and her daughter were nice enough to share some of their bread with Cassia.

We wound our way around to see where the spring starts that feeds the river. The water was very very clear. The path led to a nice little hike within a refreshing canopy of trees - one of our favourite places in the park for sure.

So, it was a busy and hot day. Tomorrow back to relaxing at the trailer. I think we traveled a bit too much in the last few weeks since we are feeling more like staying put right now. We would still like to get over to the Gruene District and back to Landa Park before we leave.

Today's Interesting Link: Speaking of food and baking - check out Savory Sweet Life. I found this blog quite a while ago and check in frequently. This is where I found the buttercream recipes for Cassia's birthday cake. Yum yum!

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