Sunday, November 13, 2011

Texas Hill Country

We have been away from our blog for a few days. We arrived in Brady Texas on Friday just after lunch - it was a short drive from our rest area overnight on Thursday. We made our way south through San Angelo and then headed east to Brady. We came to Brady because I read that this town had Richards Park - with a campground - with hook ups and showers for $10 a night.

Richards Park did not disappoint! We enjoyed two nights there with everything but wifi. That was ok - because there were two playgrounds where Cassia kept us very busy. On Saturday morning we walked up to the playground furthest from our campsite and were happy to meet several Brady bunch families there. Of course we had Roofous with us and he is always a draw. Cassia had a nine year old babysitter - Hannah - who enjoyed playing with Cassia on the rides. Also nice for Cassia to be around other kids.

A really big slide - you can see our trailer in the background.

Cassia is pretty good at convincing her parents to come down the slides as well.

We laugh at this one - Derek's younger more agile days have obviously come to a screeching halt!

Our first Armadillo sighting.

Went for a walk this morning - there should be water in there - It has only rained in Brady
 twice in the last year.

This morning we had only a short drive through some very beautiful hill country to Fredricksburg. Along the way we drove through Mason - we didn't stop since it was Sunday morning and it didn't seem like much was open, but we were struck by the cleanliness and quaint downtown.

We parked for the day along Main Street Fredricksburg and have enjoyed walking the historic district for the day. We happily stumbled upon Hondo's and decided to stop for lunch and a live band, with Gospel Music. The food and band were great! We then set out to for the four block walk to the Visitor's Center finding a park along with way - a beautiful downtown park, really clean.

A German Christmas Pyramid.

A view of the park - lots of flowers still in bloom, we could see ourselves living here in hill country.

We just stopped here for the day but it seems that this town has a lot to offer - we are headed over to New Braunfels now to the Berean Bible Church where we are going to spend some time with some Mid Acts Brethren and Pastor Jerry Lockhart.

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