Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Western Texas along I10

Friday we continued our trek across western Texas. It was a long driving day watching the beautiful landscape of Texas roll by. We stopped here and there arriving at the rest area just east of Van Horn at around 5:00 pm.

A little early to stop but it was another 90 miles or so to the next rest area.

But without a wifi signal at this rest area we weren't sure we wanted to stay. We had dinner and decided to push on knowing that just past Van Horn we would enter into Mountain Time Zone. And so we got back on the road at 6:00 pm which soon became 5:00 pm.

We arrived at the next rest area just east of Faben at around 7:30 pm, sad to find out that the wifi was down at this rest area also. We hit the hay early knowing that Saturday morning we would take on El Paso and make our way to Columbus.

Here are the pics from Friday - enjoy the ride!


love the yellow limestone...


rest area for lunch

hmmmm - not alone on our way east - we saw many many more rigs going east though.

The rest area east of Van Horn where we stopped for dinner.

Driving toward the sunset.

Beautiful sky that night!

And so that was Friday.... a BIG travel day - probably close to 400 miles. Did you notice what ALL the photos had in common? 

Not even one cloud in the sky!!!!!

On to El Paso in the morning!


Today's Interesting Link: Along this route we were reminded by the exit signs that Fort Davis, Marfa, Alpine, Marathon and Big Bend were directly south of us. We visited all those places in 2008. Here is the link to Big Bend National Park - a beautiful place you may want to consider visiting one day.

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