Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ralph Epperson

While in Tucson we had arranged to meet up with Ralph Epperson! He was kind enough to come meet us at the Home Depot which was a bit of a trip since we opted for a HD just off the Interstate.

By way of introduction let me first just inform you all - that yes - Derek and I - have done quite a bit of conspiracy theory study. Well - Derek really - but I do enjoy hearing what he finds. We don't get into it as much as we used to but we still like to keep our 'ears to the ground'.

And so when we put it together that we were going through Tucson and that Ralph Epperson lives in Tucson - well - how could we not try to meet this man in person.

I will let him introduce himself by way of his website - here is the link - Ralph Epperson.

The closest place to meet was Burger King.

Perhaps you have heard or read his book?  The Unseen is quite well known. In fact when we mentioned to a few friends that we were on our way to meet up with Ralph - they both knew of him and his book.

And so we sat down with Ralph to get some info first hand! He only had an hour to spend with us but it sure was nice to talk about the latest goings on in the world and his view of them related to his studies on conspiracy.

You can find out about it yourself with a visit to his site.

All to soon and we had to part ways! Thanks for the coffee and chat Ralph - we are glad we could get together! By the way for all of you on facebook you can also find Ralph there.


Today's Interesting Link: We first head about Ralph from our friend Bruce Collins of The Bruce Collins Show now Fringe Radio. We had listen to him discuss Jesse James - which was truly fascinating. 

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