Tuesday, February 14, 2012

El Paso, TX to Columbus, NM

We were up very early Saturday morning - mainly because we were at a busy rest area for the night and how long do you really want to sit at a rest area come morning?

PLUS we had El Paso to do and we may as well get on with it.

I know I am going on about El Paso! We are not fans of driving through big cities. We hadn't drive through El Paso before and we really weren't sure what to expect. We probably blow these drives through cities out of proportion - they usually work out ok.

Was Saturday morning a good time? 

It actually all went well. We stopped at the Love's on the east side to fill up at $3.25/gallon - the cheapest we had seen in a while - back in Sonora they were asking $3.79 - sure glad we didn't stop there!

The start of the congestion - looks like they are building some new ramps.

Starting to get busy - this is about 9:30 am Saturday morning.

Busier - ramps. By the time you are through all the congestion you have driven about 30 miles!

The drive through El Paso reminded us a lot of going through Las Vegas.

Looking towards the Mountain Route we took back in 2008.

I10 comes close to the downtown so we got a chance to see it - would be nice to see the historic downtown El Paso but wouldn't want to have to drive to get there.

Just after passing downtown El Paso the I10 comes close to Mexico. This is looking across into Mexico - looked like a shantytown.

Yaaaa - made it through the worst of it!

Our exit off the interstate.

Derek and I began talking about our drive through here back in 2008 recalling the landscape. Pretty quickly off the interstate we cross from Texas into New Mexico.

See you later Texas!

The highway here is wide and pretty quiet traveling through the suburbs and into the country. Just as we passed the airport and were looking for our turn onto the #9 we came across this...


We sat back and watched as several vehicles tried to get their away around the truck. Obviously they were in such a hurry that they couldn't wait. A little grey car actually went up and over the median. The pilot truck tried to stop him but he made it through.

The road we were on either continued south to the Mexican border or turned west to the 9 to Columbus.

Derek and I recalled the wide load that we photographed back in 2008 right by the Pancho Villa State Park - it was a part of an airplane.

And then it dawned on us!

This wide load isn't going to Mexico! It is going to Columbus!


Our turn off and yup the trucks turn off also!

Watching him make the turn! 

 We travelled at about 30 miles per hour....that is ok we told ourselves - it's early - we are not on a schedule.

But after about 40 minutes and coming across the sign that said - Columbus 39 miles - we decided to pull off and have breakfast. 

We took about an hour to do so and figured that the wide load should be pretty far ahead by this point.

Back on the road - a whole lot of empty land.

The town of Columbus on the horizon.

And who should we come across pulled over for lunch - yup - the wide load. It looked like they had just arrived.

Just past this point is the entry to Pancho Villa State Park our destination.

We pulled in, set up and were happy to have arrived. 

Thanks for visiting!


Today's Interesting Link: We have driven through or by El Paso twice now without stopping and visiting. I'm not sure that we ever will - the logistics of doing so are way above me - where would we park? how would we get the truck and trailer through all that traffic? and all the other things to think about. The web site looks great though - I bet there would be lots to see!

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