Thursday, February 16, 2012

It ONLY took 4 months!

It took us 4 months to catch up with Trent and Teresa but we finally succeeded!

If you are a regular follower here at a life made simple those two names may sound familiar to you! Yup the very same Trent and Teresa that I link to now and then.

I started following their blog - Trent and Teresa Canadian Snowbirds - just over four months ago as they were just heading out on their maiden voyage to the South! 

They came from the east - we came from the west - since we left Canada at the same time and took our time coming down we were usually at a similar latitude. Then we headed to Texas and they headed to Texas! How great I said to Derek - we'll be able to meet up with them soon!


It was a bit sad as I watched them go south as we headed north.......after all this time 

we totally bypassed each other!

Well that was a few months ago. After Texas they headed over here to Arizona and after our fairly lengthy jaunt over to the deep south and Florida - and back again - we did too. 

And so - yesterday - we were FINALLY going to drive right by where they were camped! 

Here are the pics from our very enjoyable afternoon together! It was a very welcome respite and fellowship with brethern, we have been feeling a bit low since leaving Texas.

The cooks - well - Trent really - Derek was keeping him company.

The girls - nice for us to get some girl time in.

A great picture - one of my favourites!

And if the visit wasn't enough - TnT feed us - royally! They treated us well - tutoring us on the fine art of the afternoon happy hour that many snowbirds participate in. It sure felt great to sit and enjoy their company after many days of travel.

It was SUPER great to finally meet people we feel we know so well but have never met. Teresa and I are still working past the weirdness of having the same name - with the SAME spelling....

Teresa - without an H

It only took Cassia a few minutes to warm up to TnT - the gifts that they had picked out for Cassia of course helped break the ice with her! What a lucky girl! As Trent mentions in his blog, Cassia gave Teresa a chance to pour out the grandma in her! It was nice for me to girl talk with Teresa about their travels, the fun of small RVs and her kids and grand daughter.

All to soon the sun began to set and we had to move on to find an overnight place. Back on the trail west. We landed in Gila Bend - one of our favourite places since we have a history here.

Thanks for visiting!


Today's Interesting Link: The first time Derek and I stopped into the unlikely town of Gila Bend was way back in 2006. It was our first trip down south - we hotelled it for the whole three weeks! Probably the most memorable hotel was the Space Age Hotel right here in GB. We heard then that it was designed by an ex Nasa Engineer!


  1. Nice! Hopefully we will meet up with each of you as well one day!

    1. A thanks to you guys - after all I found TnT on your site! We sure do hope that our paths cross one day also!

  2. Teresa, you really are too kind !! We were thinking we wanted to meet up with this amazing couple, until we realized you were writing about "plain 'ol us" ... LOL

    It was so wonderful to meet your adorable family, and we still smile every time we picture Cassia and those incredible eyes she has been blessed with.

    Take care and safe travels until we meet again

    Hugs, TnT


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