Thursday, February 9, 2012

The west side of Texas Hill Country

Although sad to leave Jerry and Barbara and the rest of our friends at the Berean Bible Church in New Braunfels - we headed out today at just about noon. Taking the 46 west is the best way to get around San Antoinio. It circles this large city to the north; it is a very nice and scenic drive through the Texas Hill Country.

We traveled to Boerne (Bernie) about 40 miles from NB. The 46 takes you through the downtown and west to Interstate 10. Derek and I reminisced as we drove through town. We visited here back in 2008. We were staying at the Guadalupe River State Park and came into town for dinner and a stroll around. It is a well kept and tourism friendly place similar to Fredericksburg. We highly recommend Guadalupe River SP by the way if you are ever looking for a camping spot in these parts. 

The Interstate heading west is actually a really nice drive - very scenic and not to busy - today anyway. We sat back and got comfortable glad to be on the road - again. Boy we sure love seeing new terrain. On our last trip through western Texas we took route 90 along the Rio Grande and so we haven't been on the I10 through Texas before - all new to us.

We decided to drive through Kerrville just off the highway to take a look around. We then decided to follow the 27 until it met back up with the Interstate.

Sure glad we did! WoW!


Ok - so NOW we have found our most favourite place in the whole world!


You know how there are places you like to visit and then places you would like to live. Well I would have to say that everything so far on this trip - and yes even Micanopy and Apalachicola - are places we love to visit. But the Hill Country of Texas and specifically the area to the west of Kerrville says


No - we won't ever live here (I don't think) - but boy we wish could. We talked about our 20 acre piece of land out in the boonies, our small but cozy limestone house and all of our animals - goats, sheep, maybe a cow, chickens and I guess a pig. We have been watching WAY to many pig movies - Babe and Charlotte's Webb - we would need a pig - as a pet only. Ahhhhhh dare to dream!

The pictures of this area didn't really turn out - think ranch country.

Back on the Interstate once reaching Mountain Home we continued our trek west. Stopping here and there at a few rest areas.

Cassia travels really really well! All smiles!

One of the rest areas we stopped at to stretch our legs - very quiet.

Out for a stroll.

What is that! Clear sky! We were pretty pleased to see the end of cloud. It feels like we have had clouds over us fairly consistently for a few weeks now.

Hello Sun - are we EVER glad to see you!

I was attempting to take a picture of the dark clouds to the east - you can see them a bit in the mirror.

With all of our roaming about we didn't make all that much progress - probably not even 200 miles today. No matter - we are hardly on a schedule. We could have kept going but we prefer not to night drive. And so we are stopped for the night at a rest area just west of Sonora. 

We are actually on the east bound side because it is much nicer then the west bound. For some reason the west bound rest areas are much larger. Also, we couldn't get a wifi signal over on the other side.

While I was making dinner, Derek and Cassia took a walk around - brrrrrrrr - cool wind in these parts.

These last photos were all taken by Derek. 

An amazing shot!

And so a good travel day for us.

We didn't get far but we had fun.

And saw some really beautiful country here in Texas.

That will just make our leaving this fine State that much more difficult.

Thanks for visiting!


Today's Interesting Link: We highly recommend a visit to the Texas Hill Country. I just did a search and found out that the area has it's own website! If you have a moment you can take a look around yourselves and drool over all the beautiful pictures. One day if you can't find us - come look here.


  1. Know you'll be sad to leave Texas, but sunshine and blue skies await in NM and AZ.........

  2. True but mighty cold here in NM right now .... we'll need to push on to Az after going to Mexico tomorrow!

  3. Kerrville is gorgeous! When I was growing up we used to "camp" in Bandera (same area)...


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