Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pancho Villa State Park, NM

Pancho Villa State Park, I admit is a bit out in the middle of nowhere. It is along the southern border beside the very very little town of Columbus. 

Not a whole lot out here!

But it is a nice park and we enjoyed our stay here back in 2008 - and so we decided to return.

PLUS - for us it is close to the best border crossing into Mexico - to the town of Palomas and the Pink Store.

A whole lot of history here!

Pretty good prices - $14/night with water and elec. Probably the best showers so far with a HEATED bathroom.

Site #20 at Pancho Villa State Park.

The Pancho Villa State Park Museum.

The first thing I did when we arrived was to go see if the Book Exchange still existed. It is located in the Custom House right beside the museum. I was so happy to know that it was still there and I quickly went back to the trailer for my books!

Two of my favourite words during our travels!

Not too busy at the park this time of year.....most of the rigs park on the south side.

A playground for Cassia - we made many many trips there over the 3 days.

Camp Furlong Headquarters.

A few of Cootes Hill.

Looking south from the top of Cootes Hill - you can see our trailer in the center.

Wow - this pic looks a lot like the one we took in 2008!

We spent three days at Pancho Villa State Park - Saturday to Tuesday. Sure glad we had electricity as it was pretty cool and windy - particularly the nights. Sunday was cloudy and so we spent most of the day inside. 

Monday we headed over to Mexico - a mere 3 mile drive south to the border crossing. A well kept secret  as a good border crossing to enjoy a bit of Mexico!

Thanks for visiting!


Today's Interesting Link: Have you heard of Pancho Villa before? You may have I think there is a movie or two out there about this man. Here is the link to learn more!


  1. Wonder how I missed that place?? I was in Deming workamping 4 months this past fall....not that far away!!

    1. NO WAY! Really! I can't believe nobody told you about it! Too bad ...... it would have made a good day trip!

      Hey - we just passed 'The Thing?' on our way here to Tucson - what is it anyway! Do they actually have something in that store labeled 'the thing'?


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