Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rainy day Sunday

Do you know what I wish?

I wish that all my thoughts could magically appear on this screen to become my blog post.

If you are a fellow blogger - or if you write often - you know that it isn't long before you are writing the posts in your head. Why or why do they all sound so great - articulate, well crafted, funny and on and on in my head but once I sit down to at the keyboard

whoosh ∼∼∼∼∼∼∼∼∼∼ gone

The only way it seems that I can pump these babies out is to start 'talking' - I mean writing - as if you were sitting here in front of me. Albeit it is a VERY one sided conversation isn't it? A Life Made Simple is not as blessed as some of the other blogs I read - we seem to have a non participatory following. That's ok


but I sure would love to hear back from y'all! Don't be shy....

I have to say now that this post came dangerously close to being 'photo free' - I haven't taken a picture since Friday's post and at the moment I couldn't even tell you where it is! But never fear I came up with a few so no worries if you are here for the pictures and not the words. (It's ok if you are - remember I follow blogs too - I'm a photo junky).

The one thing I forgot to mention on Friday's post I was quite horrified to realize, because it had been on my mind to include it, (refer back to the beginning of this post), was our trip to Georgetown.

Last Mondays bible study was in Georgetown, a smallish city just north of Austin. Therefore from here it was almost an 1 1/2 hour drive. The GREAT news? Pastor Jerry drove.

Derek, Cassia and I could sit back and enjoy the ride.

The first great thing was that we took a toll road. Now we don't have many of those at home but they abound here in the south. We haven't been on one before - what a nice ride. Second, Jerry toured us around downtown Georgetown - although it was almost dark - but we saw just enough to know that we liked it - a lot. The quaint downtown lined with shops and coffee houses PLUS a neighbourhood with nice looking homes.

And if that wasn't enough!

He treated us to the Monument Cafe. I posted this on facebook so you could all check it out. I didn't get a chance to take any pictures the whole trip - sorry.

On the way home Jerry took the interstate through Austin because it was later in the evening. So we got to view downtown Austin. I sure am glad - Austin also looks like our kind of place and I was glad we got a chance to see it - even just driving by.

Here's a picture I borrowed of the beautiful building I saw - here's the link in case I wasn't supposed to just 'take' the photo.

So now on to the next bit of business.

Our trip west. Because we arrived here in New Braunfels in late November (having left home October 14) and then left here for 9 weeks touring the south - having returned last Monday - I see our 2011/12 USA tour as divided into three parts. And so by that measure leaving here will kick off the third part of our trip.

When will that be?

Who knows - MAYBE this week sometime.

Derek and I would usually by now be planning the whole rest of our trip. But we kind of did that a month ago or so when we were trying to decide which route to take home. I guess since we figured it all out then we have nothing really to discuss.

I have been spending some of my 'free' time - looking for our overnight spots. The good news about being back in Texas is that we can overnight in the rest areas. Even better since we plan on taking Interstate 10 outta here. Odd I know - but we did the southern route along the Rio Grande to Big Bend and up through Marfa and Fort Davis in 2008. And as great as those places are we are going to forgo them for this year. That means we are going to spend the first few days with the peddle to the metal with the big rigs. I have mentioned TexTreks before but will again - it is a great site showing all the rest areas in Texas. Along I10 there are several rest areas and all have wifi!

Boy do I wish all States had it as together about their rest areas as Texas!

Is this getting too long? time to wrap up?

Ok - well our first destination is Pancho Villa State Park in southern New Mexico. Last time we stopped there was 2008. PVSP is at Columbus NM - the great thing about this park is that it is about 5 minutes drive from the Mexican border. You drive to the border - park - walk in - shop - walk out and drive away. Easy peasy...  It is our favourite border crossing because it is just so easy, small and quiet. Much better then Los Algodones. If you hang around long enough, by next week - or so - I will, of course, post many more pictures. But here are a few...

PVSP is a REALLY nice park - and $14 for water/elec - cheap! Boy I hope the skies are as clear when we get there!

And we'll be visiting the Pink Store in Mexico - we also plan on visiting the dentist and maybe the optometrist.

These two pictures are from our Desert Wandering Blog of 2008 - if you are so inclined you can read more about this area here.

The one thing standing between us and PVSP is El Paso. Last time we took this giant on we had, you know, Marty Robbins in mind..... We cheated by taking the Purple Heart Blvd. around which wasn't much of a short cut at all. Anyway, this time we are going to go straight through. If it is like any of the others big cities, we'll start breathing again on the other side. 

To make matters worse we will need to get to the number 9. I am pretty sure I have it figured out - way more prepared then last time when I told Derek - right - when it should have been a - left .......

We will then leave via Deming - back on the Interstate to Arizona - probably straight to Gila Bend. I doubt we will drive by without stopping in at Picacho Peak State Park - one of my favourites  - you know!

I did look up Faywood Hot Springs. Derek and I visited Faywood way back in 2006. It closed shortly thereafter when the fellow of the partnership died and it was put up for sale. Since we COULD detour there I checked to see if it had been purchased and reopened. Well imagine my surprise - 

re opening early February (I'm assuming they mean this year!)

That was the good news - the bad news? 


for the three of us to stay ONE night with water/electric and to soak. I dunno..... we'll see......

So here's the route for the next week or so..

New Braunfels to first Google Map!

I am happy to see however that the temps are a bit better west then they are here - at least no rain - we have had a really wet week. 

However, just to give everyone over there in the west a head's up - the Wood Clan is on their way - your weather is about to take a bad turn. Just works out that way.....

Well, that's all I know....

Have a great Sunday - football anyone?

oh and I noticed that we just passed over 8,000 page views. Thanks to all of you for the 4,000 or so ... undoubtedly the other 4,000 are Derek and I......


Today's Interesting Link: To know me is to know I am a recipe - aholic. Thank goodness for the internet. I used to cart around about 50 cookbooks - I finally let most of them go when we moved from Saskatchewan. Now I can get my fill from reading cooking blogs. Here's a new blog I just found! Add a Pinch - the best part is that Robyn also talks about living, homeschooling and travel. A few of my favourite things - well not homeschooling yet - but one day! Stop in and take a looksie.


  1. Teresa your blog is great. I have no idea why some blogs seem to get more comments from readers than others.
    We will be in the Mesa area for a few more weeks, then we are thinking of checking out Desert Hot Springs.
    Take care ... TnT

  2. I don't know why more comments aren't left for you guys either!! I enjoy your blog so much, and you take/post some really great pics! Your writing style is good, easy to follow along....its a quandary!!

    So, if you take I-10 west, don't get suckered in to that tourist trap called "The Thing"!! Its just a ripoff!!

    Safe travels to you!

  3. Thanks TnT and BlackSheep - you guys are our trueblues!

  4. This comment might get lost in the old comments… but just want to say that I really enjoy your blog.

    From your description, I started a text file where I keep places that I want to visit soon (it’s already several page long).

    Truly enjoy the pics, my baby is 24 years old now, when I look at the pictures of Cassia, it just bring sooo much great memories of my girls. I want to say “You are lucky to have this great family time” but I don’t think luck had anything to do with it.

    A fan :)

    1. Hey Richard!!! WoW WoW WoW! thanks for the comment. Nope, not lost as I get an email each time a comment comes in - so thankful about that since I sure wouldn't wanted to have missed yours!

      That's great about keeping a list of the places - you may want to also check out our desert wandering blog - the link is on the right. I'm hooked on pinterest and use it for that kind of thing.

      Wow! I bet Cassia will be 24 in a blink - right!? I can't believe she is almost 3 already. Have you read the post called 'these are some good times'? I was thinking about that when I wrote that one - what good days these are.

      We are lucky! but you're right, it wasn't luck that led us here - it was an economic meltdown! When you go so far down that you don't have much you realize that - hey you really don't need much and if you don't need so much to live why not spend less time getting the stuff and more time enjoying the ride!

      Thanks Richard!

  5. I'm commenting "late" on this... We lived just west of Georgetown before our RV road trip... we LOVE the Austin/Hill Country area! That is where we will be putting down roots definitely. Okay... we are open to anything else, but that is where are hearts are! SO... if we are there the next time you are coming thru the Austin area, hopefully we'll have a place for you to boondock/stay!

    1. Gee Teri - Derek would be hard pressed to get me to LEAVE that area! Although he'd feel the same. But hey - I know - the open road calls! Boy I sure do hope you guys make it back there - we'd love to stop in for an errr - EXTENDED visit!

      But there really are LOTS of beautiful places as I am sure you are finding out......

    2. There really are some beautiful places! But my heart longs for Austin and the Hill Country... I've felt that "calling" more so after seeing more beautiful places!


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