Saturday, February 18, 2012

A right turn to NORTH.



we are going to move on today. We figure that 2 days and 3 nights is about as far as we can push this truck stop thing. But boy it sure is hard to pull ourselves away - we quite like it here. Even all the trucks and RVs coming in --- and out. By the way - gas is $3.76/gallon here if you can believe! Boy do we miss eastern gas prices.

It has a been a restful few days, not much to do but well - hang around - but Cassia and Derek did get some kite flying in yesterday. Cassia even held the line by herself without letting go, which is a feat in itself since patience and sticking with something longer then oh - 30 seconds - isn't her these days.

I've been spending some time desperately trying to find a boondocking spot near Gila Bend. Strangely, I came up empty except for the Subway and Texaco Station in Gila Bend. We find it odd that some BLM spots haven't been conquered here by others who also love the area.

My plea on facebook for spots was answered by The Good Luck Duck - who provided me with a great Google Map locating all sorts of info. If you haven't yet checked out Roxi and Annie's fine site (I think I have mentioned them before but can't recall) - you should - AND if you are looking for Boondocking Resources I think their list is one of the most complete I have seen along my blog travels.

I have found a regional park just north of here that was said on another blog to be a 'well kept secret' well - we're going to test that theory. It does say that primitive camping is available. We are a bit worried since this is a long weekend and so it may be busy. We'll check it out and let you know what we find. We may be off line for a few days if it works out well. Fingers crossed.

On another note, Derek and I are certainly feeling a bit homesick these days. This generally happens to us around this time ---- it has been over 4 months now that we have been on the road. Of course, we just can't snap our fingers and be back at the cabin - there are a lot of miles to cover from here to there. That isn't all bad - we will be traveling some new roads which is always exciting for us. New, new, new - we love to see new!

The problem is the weather.

This time of year is one of the worst to travel in since springs can be very dicey heading north. Last year we began our trek north in earnest at the end of February, only to be stalled just south of Vegas for 10 days waiting out storms throughout Idaho and Washington. And WHO KNOWS what this spring will be like with all the weirdness of the winter weather.

So - well - we will take it mile by mile. We have friends and family to visit in Idaho and BC and so -  really - we won't be home until the end of March anyway.



Today's Interesting Link: One of the towns we will be passing through going north is Wickenburg. We have been meaning to stop in there for some time now and it is odd - having spent so much time in Arizona - that we haven't to date. Well - this will be remedied shortly.  Right now they have the 64th Annual Gold Rush Days on - since we aren't for crowds we are waiting the weekend out before we head there. 


  1. Thanks a bunch for the shout-out!

    Your regional park sounds like a good option. You may have to outwait the weekend warriors, but it will feel so good on Monday night to have it to yourself again!


  2. Teresa is homesick today too, because it is our grand daughter's birthday !!

    We will let you lead the way north ... lol

    Take care ... Trent

  3. We are delayed a bit - we found such a great spot - it had eluded us to date! So - we'll stick around a little longer!


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