Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Galveston, Texas

Galveston, oh Galveston.......

I know, I know - ENOUGH with the song - right? Wrong - I just loveeeeeeee it! One of my favourite songs - ever. Not sure why exactly. If you love it too - why not give it a spin while reading this post.

Glen Campbell - Galveston

Leaving our overnight spot of Home Depot in Galveston we headed back down Broadway Street to the Visitors Center. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to go in because it was shortly after nine and they didn't open until ten. So we set off on our own.

We had seen beautiful houses on our drive in from the ferry the night before and so we set off for the area just east of where we were. Our thought was to do a walking tour....but that was not to be. We had several factors working against us - 1. it is a BIG area, 2. it was cool and windy and 3. Cassia wasn't interested in the least.

And so our walking tour became a driving tour. It became a bit crazy because Derek drove around and I got out and took some pictures. We soon tired of that and realized that our 'tour' of Galveston would have to wait until another year. We didn't even get to The Strand - Galveston's trendy downtown.


Galveston, oh Galveston - boy do I wish I could stay and see you....

I took this picture at the visitor center but didn't look at who it was - I can't find the info - if you know please enlighten me.

The Texas Heros Monument

And so, it wasn't long before we decided to head for the Seawall and start our trek south. The Seawall is the strip that runs parallel to the Gulf - shops, hotels, condos, restaurants etc.

A long the way - look what we saw - and yes we actually pulled over and stopped to take pictures.

Two real nice rigs - obviously worth some bucks!

The Oak Ridge Boys are in town!

ha ha - too bad it wasn't Glen Campbell - ha ha - it sure doesn't take much to get us star struck - ha ha

Looking out to the Gulf.

Condos along the way. 

Sadly this is where our Galveston tour ends. 


pretty sad

It just wasn't the right day to tour this fine town. I think I could TOTALLY spend some good time here  given an affordable place to park and some much warmer temperatures. 

To be honest, I think we are all 'looked' out for now. I know that I am making that term up. You know what I mean though - right? We just have seen so much in the last few weeks that we need a rest from looking. Too bad that Galveston was at the end. But never fear - I have a hope that we will return one day. It was nice to see some of it - enough to know that another trip is required.

So we traveled on.

Saturday became our second long travel day in a row.

I didn't take any more pictures until we got to Shiner, but we traveled down the 3005 south - paid our $2 toll for the bridge and on to Surfside Beach. We then said goodbye to the coast and began our inland trek to the 332 which took us through Lake Jackson to the 36. At the 36 we turned right and headed to the 35. At the 35 we turned left to the 71, the 71 to the 111.

The 111 took us to Yoakum. A beautiful area by this time suitably away from the beach to become rolling hills and pasture - it was starting to remind us of the Hill Country --- ahhhhhh Texas we missed you!

At Yoakum we made the short trip on the 95 to Shiner - Shiner - why Shiner? Check out the next post won't you.

Thanks for visiting!


Today's Interesting Link: I just have to send you back to Trent and Teresa's blog - they have a few more pictures - it sure looked like a much warmer day then we had! I feel so bad that we didn't get to do a complete tour...


  1. Teresa don't feel bad, at least you saw some of the sites.
    We love the song as well. There is something about it that "sticks" with ya.
    Travelling with a two year old means you can't spend a lot of time doing boring things ... LOL.
    Enjoyed your pics ... Trent

  2. Thanks Trent! hmmmm too bad you guys aren't around to babysit - Teresa could get some 'grandmothering' in....LOL

    hey - how long are you guys on that side of the country - we will be in Arizona probably by the end of the month.....if not sooner



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