Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shiner, Texas

Have you heard of Shiner before? Have you been there? Have you drank some Shiner?

Probably not.

Unless you live in this Texas area or love beer or both you probably have yet to find out about this place and what it is known for.


yup  - this post is about beer!

Since arriving in Texas last November, Derek has been enjoying - when he can find it - Shiner Beer. So, the last time we were in New Braunfels we looked up the location of Shiner - hey we can hit it on our way back. We stop for chocolate factories, hot sauce factories and so why not beer, especially the Bohemian Black Lager ?

And so keeping with that promise to ourselves, we stopped in Shiner on Saturday.

More specifically to the Shiner Brewery - the Spoetzi Brewery where this liquid gold is manufactured.

Unfortunately, our timing was a wee bit off.

It was closed.

We thought that that might happen - but hey - this is when it fit in our schedule.

No matter, we did the self guided tour instead. It was probably good that the tasting room and gift shop were closed - this made our stop very very free.

It is very interesting that such a small town and a small brewery can put out such large quantities (it is available at many places including Wal-Mart). You can read a bit about the story of this brewery here.

Obviously it was a short tour. So we headed over to the bridge and wouldn't you know - Derek and Cassia decided to dance.

Now - we are quite the dancers. Most often you would be able to find all three of us crammed in our little trailer dancing away.

You would have thought that we had had some beer while at the brewery. It must be Derek's Irish roots coming through...

Well - that was fun!

We continued on out of Shiner on the alt 90 to our destination for the day Seguin. I took some pictures of downtown Shiner as we were leaving. It looked like a nice little town.

We arrived in Seguin just before dinner to the Grace Family Bible Church pastored by Steve Mitchell. We missed visiting with Pastor Steve in November and wanted to make sure we stopped in this time around.

We pulled in, plugged in and enjoyed our evening surrounded by the beautiful countryside and cows.

Thanks for visiting!


Today's Interesting Link: Derek has been enjoying all sorts of beer along our travels although we haven't really highlighted any - not since we first arrived in the USA and spent time at our friends in Nampa where we talked about the Blue Moon Brewing Company. Speaking of great beer - we have some great micro breweries ourselves up in BC. Check out Nelson Brewery one of our favourites.


  1. Derek and Cassia had us laughing out loud !
    That was the cutest thing we have seen in a long time ... LOL.
    Please please please continue to take the time to do those things.
    We were young when we had our children, and "rushed" through it all.
    Now we know better !!

  2. There are a FEW benefits to be older parents......


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