Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our last day in New Braunfels, TX


we're still here in New Braunfels. Derek and I decided a few days ago to stay here until Thursday - tomorrow - so that we could get another round of bible studies in this week.

So - Monday it was a trip back to Georgetown. THIS time I brought the camera to take a few pics of our trip. Sadly by the time we got to Georgetown it was dark - sure doesn't work taking pictures through the window in the dark! 

There is a lot of city for the first stretch out of New Braunfels and this - an outlet center - the latest in mall - castle architecture. I can't imagine what architect would think this is ok!

A view of the toll road I told you about through the windshield. Also a great view of Jerry's snappin' hat.

The toll road of course.

Here are the paybooths that come along every so often. No idea how they work as Jerry has a sticker on his car. Pretty neat he pays on line.

How Cassia spent the ride up.


Look familiar. Didn't I post a picture just like this one back at Panama City


Looks like we picked up 2 screws in the same tire! This one was a slow leak but since we are headed out on the interstate and have quite a bit of trip left we Derek took it off to get fixed.

While we were at it we also got the oil changed. Handy that just down the road from here at the church is the Landa Tire & Automotive.


That's not all! We have water in our differential - the what? (me) Well now I know what it is.... ouch! Well good thing we found out about it...... $115 to get it fixed. Good thing there wasn't a zero at the end of those numbers or the rest of our trip would be on shaky ground. We'll just need to find a place to cut back some where. Good bye to the optometrist visit at the Pink Store I guess.

I was hoping to replace my glasses which I purchased there back in 2008. Probably time for an eye exam and some new ones but unless I can find something else - like maybe food - to do without - the new glasses are probably on the chopping block!

We FINALLY saw some sun yesterday and warmish temperatures. Warm enough at least for Cassia to run around a bit. Remember the water puddle from a few days ago? Well now it is a mud puddle - no matter - just as much fun for her!

Tip toe through the mud puddle.

But then she was all upset that she had mud on her feet. Prairie gumbo here in New Braunfels. It sticks like - well you know what......

So she set about washing them off - Dad had to finish the job with the hose.

Ok - so the last time I saw the pen is was nicely positioned on the PAPER! 

A game of chase quickly ensued...

I'm going to get you......


And so that is how our days have been - wowie! eh?

Oh, WAIT! there's more!

I have FINALLY succumbed! to what?

Have you heard of it? Nope? Where HAVE you been?

ha ha just joking....

Me -  the follower of most things new on the internet - has been eyeing this new computer distraction for a few months now. Do I really NEED one more thing I asked myself?

I easily persuaded myself against it the first time when I went to pinterest and found out I had to be INVITED! What? I couldn't just JOIN?

Anyway, fast forward about a week ago when I was seeing what Operation Explorations was up to which led me to read what Rick & Paulette's RV Travels were up to....

Good for RVing you say? 

That's it - that's all it took! 

I went to the site - asked to be invited and eagerly awaited MY invitation.

It arrived! And so now I am the newest pinterest member!

The link to my boards is on the right.... probably don't go there now there isn't much to see but boy when I get some serious computer time - watch out!

Well that's all I can think of today....

We are back on the road tomorrow - headed west as y'all know. Should be a 2 day trip to Pancho Villa State Park. We should be connected tomorrow night at an I10 rest area but after that you may not hear from us for a bit. I doubt the state park has wifi and not sure where in Columbus. 

But if there is one we'll surely find it!

10.4 see you down the road!


Today's Interesting Link: During our visit here at the Berean Bible Church, we have been through Austin twice on our return trips from Georgetown. Visiting Austin isn't on the agenda this year but I hope that the next time we are in this area we can head over there for a really good look around. When I was 'liking' all things Texas on fb I came across this interesting site - 365 Things to do in Austin, TX, well this will certainly help us when we do!

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  1. Awww shoot. Not another flat.

    Teresa and I woke up to a flat on our car one morning. It was a rusty 'ol screw.

    We were very thankful it didn't happen while towing the car, because who knows when we would have noticed that.

    Glad you got your differential fixed up.

    On a positive, we sure loved your photos of Cassia !!


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