Monday, November 25, 2013


Ho hum - another day, another day baking. That was yesterday ..... nothing much done today.

The Wood Clan isn't really a church going family EXCEPT for when we are with the two Pastors that we follow. So just as we attend Pastor Jerry Lockhart's church when in New Braunfels, Texas, we headed to Pastor Curt Crist's church here in Hendersonville on Sunday. No, Curt isn't here - as he and Debbie have been in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma this past week providing bible studies, so we watched a taped sermon - something we are used to since that's how we learn while up in Canada.

On the way home we stopped at Aldi's to replenish our grocery supply.

Have you been to Aldi?

We hadn't even heard of this store until arriving here in Hendersonville. Debbie took me there after we first arrived! WoW! Talk about great prices - great prices for Americans - but holy batman - AMAZING prices for us Canadians.

So, we went back of course. If you are super picky about brand names this may not be the place for you - but for us - who have let go of name brands a long time ago (I do still check the ingredients though) it's a jackpot.

I did pick up some baking supplies and so I could have almost made these cookies from scratch - but I did see a package of ginger sparkle cookies batter and went for it at $1.69. I probably should have just grabbed some molasses and made them from scratch! At the moment I wasn't quite sure if I would have everything once home.

I guess I'm pretty funny....

And yes, Cassia is in the same shirt even though it is a different day - it's kinda like the dinosaur world wrist band.

Cassia enjoyed the rolling in sugar part the best.

Pretty easy and fast today - they tasted pretty good even coming from a package. 

Yes, they are posing. I was a little low on material. 

Since we hadn't seen much of our neighbours - Meshach and Josiah - the brother's living in Curt and Debbie's other house - we invited them for dinner. We went all out - burgers and fries. A bit too cold to be slinging burgers on the barbecue - Derek was a real sport. Well, and he goes out for smokes anyway so I figure he has climatized somewhat.

By the way, I'm really enjoying following our friends Carol and Bill this year. If you were with us last winter you may recognize their names. We met C and B at Huatabampito and ended up following along with them for our first few weeks in Mexico. It is almost one year since then. They are back in Mexico now spending a few days in San Carlos. San Carlos was also one of our first stops. It's great for me following with them this year since I know exactly what they are talking about and what it is like to say - go grocery shopping. 

Check out the picture of a bride shopping in Walmart - in her gown!

Bill and Carol are an amazing couple - amazing that they are in their 70's (sheeshh I didn't tell) but you could easily take 10 years off of that for both of them - I tell you - Derek and I had a hard time keeping up to them physically last year. While on their site visit their link to their trip down to South America in an RV in 1978! Now how many people can say they've done that!

The only other bit of excitement around here is that we have been invited for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday (of course Thursday - right?). It will be our third turkey dinner of the year having already enjoyed two in Canada back in October.

I have been busy looking up dessert ideas - I was going to ask all of you for some help in choosing but I went ahead and did that myself. At first I was thinking of making some sort of apple dessert since I have the apples and pretty much all the stuff you would need to go with them - oatmeal, nuts, syrup, and cream cheese.

But then I stumbled upon carrot cake on pinterest today and that sounded like a much better plan. If no one else likes it there will be more for me - LOVE carrot cake. Ha - just joking - there will also be pumpkin and key lime pie - so not to worry.

So - I have my work cut out for me over the next few days. Since there are quite a few kids I'm going to make the carrot cake sandwich cookies for them and the carrot cake for the rest of us - now if I can only just pick the right recipe. I know that pineapple is the secret ingredient for carrot cake but it is the only thing I am missing and with temps of 38F tomorrow I am NOT going to the store for one thing. So it is up between this one and this one. This one is the most beautiful but it's the one with pineapple. Sigh.

I'll let you know how they turned out next post!

As mentioned on facebook - we watched the movie Ned Kelly last night - poor Ned. If you haven't seen it yet we highly recommend. It's about an Irish family living in Australia in the 1870's.

All from me tonight!



  1. Cassia, you did a great job on those ginger sparkles. The picture made me hungry!! Good job!

    1. Thanks Uncle Chris! I sure had fun making them! I'd send you some through the computer if I could.....

  2. Aldis...can't beat it. Cheap produce! Carrot of our absolute favorites! Got cold here too..guess time to leave the beach anyway! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  3. Aldis...can't beat it. Cheap produce! Carrot of our absolute favorites! Got cold here too..guess time to leave the beach anyway! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

    1. There seems to be an echo in here! LOL Leave the beach! Say it ain't so! Excited about watching your trip west! Texas here we (ahhh you I mean) come!

  4. You sure are baking up a storm.
    Nice to see Derek doing a great job on the Weber Q.

    1. Yup - he's the resident barbecuer around here ...... not quite the same as the stuff that I see that lands on your weber though....we'll have to work on that.

  5. Wow Teresa - thanks for the plug.....We are still in San Carlos but will be leaving tomorrow for Huatabampito. Just taking our time poking along this year. Will not be going to El Fuerte tho - don't want to take a chance on the road not being finished.
    Cookies looked good.

    1. Following along with you guys is fun - why not invite everyone else! Ha - nope - don't take a chance on that road - it's only been a year - probably not fixed yet! Time is what you have right?!

  6. You sure are a busy girl!! I'm wondering how it is cooking in the van? Smaller space in kitchen would make for an organizational challenge......are you adapting to that ok?

    Safe Travels............

    1. You got me there BlackSheep - our poor van is very lonely these days since we are here in a house...... no cooking/baking like this in the van since our oven only works when we are plugged in which is almost never. We are adapting just fine to being in a house though :)!

  7. I love Aldi's and shop there almost every week. Their produce is always good. Their milk is the best, taste and price.
    Have fun baking up a storm!

    1. Well, who knew - I feel like I'm the last to know! LOL. Guess we'll have to find them during the rest of our travels!

  8. Love the presentation! Really awesome post and tasty cookies too.....

    Stencils Cupcake & Cookie


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