Wednesday, November 6, 2013


After our very loud night on one of the busiest downtown streets of Springfield we were up and ready to go pretty early. 

Our first issue was to get help for our van and trailer lights. We realized the night before as we were about to drive away that they were not working. Derek wasn't able to get down under the steering wheel to figure out which fuse needed replacing - although he did try, but it was too dark and too late.
The next morning I googled for the location of the closest AutoZone and we headed out - thankfully it wasn't too far out of our away.

We had also discovered this - the trailer cable was crushed under our hitch and it frayed the wires, thus causing a short circuit also blowing a fuse, like Derek! 

We spent a fair amount of time here at AutoZone - nice that they let you use some of their tools. We found out which fuse we needed and nice that we had it in our handy dandy fuse box container. Then, Derek spliced the wires and taped up the cable. Problem solved.With that we got back on the Interstate headed northeast to Rolla.

Another nice Missouri Welcome Center/Rest Area just past Marshfield. 

We stopped for more info, lunch and some playground time for Cassia.

The ride to Rolla - nothing overly exciting but the scenery remained beautiful with all the colours. The most impressive thing is that there is actual blue sky - not seeing a lot of that these days.

Our first stop in Rolla - just off the freeway is the Visitor's Center - an ad with wifi and complimentary coffee will get us in for sure. They also have a nice nature trail.

Crazy but I forgot to take a picture of the actual building. I was surprised not to find a 'no overnight camping' sign in the parking lot. I inquired about it and was told that there was no problem with us parking overnight - nice! So, there you go travellers - the only thing is that the lot is fairly small - about 30' tops.

Since it was still fairly early we headed to the Historic downtown of Rolla. Not much to see - so we headed to our main destination in Rolla - The Public House Brewing Company. Yes, we were on a bit of a roll here with craft beers in Missouri.

A mighty fine selection. After talking with the bartender and server for a bit and checking to confirm the next days Home Brew course, we headed back to the Visitor Center - with a growler of Revelations Stout in hand.

After some internet time at the Center Saturday morning, we arrived back at Public House for the seminar which was held in honour of National Home Brewers Day. It was a tad chilly and held outside - so while Derek hob knobbed and learned all the ins and outs - Cassia and I entertained ourselves inside. Here's Derek's back while he is talking with Jason - the Brew Master at TPHBC.

All the equipment - hmmmm - quite the process - we are eager to learn so that we can try it ourselves once we return to B.C.

Rice hulls are added for filtering purposes before the other grains are added in this high tech system. Most novices don't use a complex process like this, they start with ready made mixes, much easier and less costly.

A really neat couple that we visited with during the course - also admirers of a good craft beer - which they are making their own already. And darn if Derek and I can remember their names - which is really bad of course but it happens most of the time sometimes. Hey guys - drop us a line so that we can insert your names here! Nice to meet you two!

Inside TPHBC - cozy.

Lane - the bartender, Derek calls him 'Paul Bunyan'. A super friendly and hard working guy - a great asset to the place.

To finish off the afternoon Derek and I shared a flight - and we have to just say that they were all great, some of the best craft brew we have sampled. Which says a lot because we usually only go for the porters and stouts but here we even enjoyed the lighter ales.

So, Derek had an nice afternoon learning about home brew and visiting with others that share this interest. 

The Public House Brewing Company - although young and small - is doing a GREAT job. We liked that it was a very personal experience with the Owners and Brew Master on hand, eager to talk about - well, beer of course. A great group of people, a great memory.



  1. Rachel from the Visitor Center in Rolla here- So glad you guys enjoyed yourselves! Public House really is awesome isn't it? Wish you all the best on your journey!

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