Friday, November 8, 2013


Continuing our day last Tuesday......

Leaving Elephant Rocks State Park in the early afternoon, we continued along the 21. It didn't take long to reach the towns of Pilot Knob, Ironton and Arcadia - a very beautiful area. We decided to stop at the Arcadia Visitor Center - mainly because it appeared as we were driving by - may as well stop - information - we love information.

A great building - we could due with a house looking like this. We thoroughly enjoyed speaking with the fellow - Phil - 88 years old - a lot of wisdom there and a very firm grasp on the failings of our world today. Derek and I could have stood and talked with him for the rest of the day.

And for Cassia, stopping to see another train, was a hit.

Then, just a little further was the turn off for Taum Sauk State Park - located in the St. Francois Mountains.

Great view from the highest point in Missouri.

We are glad that we are just in time for the fall colours in this area.

Sometimes it just easier for me to jump out and take the picture rather than making it a full stop and getting a four year old out of their seat.

Hmmmm - rugged and difficult - 2 to 3 hours. A little more than we had anticipated. 
Oh - well - we can do it!

The trail started out as paved.....

but soon turned to a more natural trail. In many parts it became horizontal rock climbing! Watch those ankles!

Similar to Elephant Rock SP - a lot of lichen and moss on the rocks.

Interesting things to look at along the way - after all we had about 1.5 miles worth of forest to look at.

Resting at the falls. Guess they are much larger after a heavy rain fall.

We were all a little less enthusiastic on the way back - perhaps 3 miles was a bit much. Especially with all the walking we did in the morning at Elephant Rocks State Park.

The return trip is along a portion of the Ozark Trail.

A crazy looking tree near the end of the trail.

Although it had been spitting during our return hike (nice that we were sheltered in the trees), by the time we made it back to the van it was pouring. Just in time!

Cassia was a real trooper, only needed to get a shoulder ride from dad near the end. 

A tiring day for the three of us, having hiked very little over the summer. Nice though - to have these two parks pretty much to ourselves.


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  1. That tree is a Indian marker. They would tie the tree to make it grow that way they called them bent oaks. They would do this to mark water or a place that they wanted to stand out. There are a lot of them in this park of the state. The Ozark tribe used them as well as others. Many are show cased in the area.
    J. Boyd


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