Friday, November 8, 2013


Another day..... another RAIN day!

Could somebody PLEASE turn off the tap!!

With Wednesday morning we had been in rain - or cloud - or both for a week, with Tuesday night being the worst yet. Most nights we had a sprinkle or showers on an off - but not Tuesday - it rained all night - actually it poured. Not a pitter patter on the van roof but a thwack thwack. 

And look! Wednesday morning - rain! Here we are on our way to Cape Girardeau.

Interesting collection of buildings in downtown Cape Girardeau. Once we arrived in CG, we headed straight to the historic district and then to the Visitor Center. Leaving the van in their parking lot we began our walk about.

A building with a long history - sadly the restaurant has moved out. Sadly, a common sight in CG's downtown.

Walking down towards the river we happened upon this wall. Cape Girardeau actually has a lot of wall paintings as you will see.

The Mighty Mississippi! 

Derek and Cassia getting a close up look at the river. Although not on film, Cassia did in fact touch the water as she did during our very first visit to the Mississippi in Vidalia, back in 2011.

Looking from the dock to the downtown.

We continued our walk to the other side of the downtown to see the Missouri Wall of Fame.

It was pretty long. Cassia and I fast tracked it - Derek was able to linger.

A four year old is much more interested in the puddles than history don't you know.

Close by is the Red House - very interesting history.

We then circled back to the main downtown.

A shop full of beautiful things.

And that was Cape Girardeau. Between the cloud and cold and the forlornness of the downtown 
(where are all the people... well, they are all over at the mega box stores. Another historic downtown trying to revitalize whilst the mega stores draw all the people away and slowly kill downtown, sad, sad.) - we headed back to the van and carried on. 

I was expecting to spend the day - and night - in CG - but it just didn't hold our interest. Instead, we headed over to the Lowe's for check the internet and have some lunch. 

Then is was over the Mississippi and into Illinois.

The Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge. 

And the Mississippi....

Like Oklahoma, who knew we would be going to Illinois this trip! With our next destination being Paducah, Kentucky it was actually quicker to go through Illinois - if only for a half an hour or so.

Sadly, after we crossed the bridge I put the camera away. What a dolt! I totally missed the Welcome to Illinois sign! 

It wasn't long before we were through the VERY forlorn and destitute looking Cairo and over the Ohio River.

This time, Derek and I made sure I remembered to keep the camera handy - but this is the only picture I got that worked out. Trust me - it says that we are in Kentucky. 

Hello Kentucky - we have been meaning to visit you for a while now!

We continued another hour or so arriving in Paducah around 3:30 pm to the Home Depot. Stopping a little early than we are used to. Cassia and I entertained ourselves by visiting the Dollar Tree and a book store. LOVE bookstores. 

I have to say that we really enjoyed our visit through Missouri. To me - us - it was a way to get to Kentucky - but like Kansas - we were really impressed, who knows what places will exceed your expectations or preconceived ideas. Impressed with the landscape and in the case of Missouri - the very friendly people. Not saying that all states don't have friendly people of course - because they do - and we have met them. However, from the Visitor Center, to the Public House Brewing Company to the help from the County Commissioner and the mechanics - we were really well taken care of. To us - Missouri appears to be a very nice state to live - the price of $2.83/gallon for gas doesn't hurt either.

So long Missouri! 

Now on to Kentucky. We have some big plans here......starting with hanging out with dinosaurs and a bear named Yogi. 



  1. Moving right along, and seeing the sites. Hope the rains stops for you soon.

  2. Hey Teresa, So sorry I've been so quiet. My husband is ill and I'm just not finding much time to apsend in BlogLand! But when I have a few minutes it sure is nice to just read several posts in a row and get caught up with all my favorite travelers! I'm sure you are gone from Paducah by now, but sure hope you found the painted murals on the flood wall there. We love those towns that have done this on their flood walls, but Paducah's are our favorites. You are in "my" neck of the woods now, so if you'll let me know which direction you are headed, I'll try to make some suggestions. Too bad you missed Metropolis, IL....would've been a quick stop, but Cassia would've loved the Superman statue! And we completely agree with you about Missouri and Kansas!

    1. Hi Sharon! uhhhhhh darn - we missed both Met and the flood walls in Paducah - can't do everything. A friend of ours also suggested Met but it seemed a bit out of the way - now if it had been Gotham we may have made the detour. :) I had only read about the quilting in Pad so didn't know that we should go in.

      I friended you on facebook so that I could write to you since I knew you are near by - sorry to hear about your husband. I am hoping that we will be able to meet up. We will be in Asheville for a while - maybe we can meet in the middle?


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