Thursday, November 7, 2013


With all of the city touring and beer drinking we have been doing lately, we were happy to be finally out in the woods on Tuesday, with hiking on our minds.

Because they were so close together, we were able to visit two Missouri State Parks in one day: Elephant Rocks and Taum Sauk Mountain. Since both offered so much to photograph I have decided to break them up into two posts. 

It was a grey day, but at least it didn't start raining until the very end.

This is a picture of the trail in Viburnum, the neat thing about it is that the track was paved over on the road but left and obviously filled with gravel. A neat thing to do with obsolete tracks.

Winding, narrow and very dippy roads here in the back hills of Missouri. Not for the faint of heart. Derek did a stellar job but it was a bit white knuckle. People drive really fast as do the semi truck drivers!

And they say the driving is tough and the roads are narrow in Mexico!

It wasn't long before we reached our first destination for the day.

Since it was around 10:00 when we arrived we had scheduled a few hours here.

Rock climber in training, Cassia, was in her glory.

My job is done now - other than the photos that is. Nice that the trail was very well provided with information placards. 


Me and my girl.

Just to show you how large that rock really was!

What a great time we had!

And so many great photo moments!

With the walk and lunch we did end up spending almost three hours at the park. Perfect for the three of us, especially with Cassia's fondness for rock walking.

Since I only have 42% of my battery left tonight - and we are at a HP, I will leave the Taum Sauk Mountain State Park post for tomorrow night. We are planning on staying at a real live RV Park with electricity and everything. We'll be living it up for sure!

Sunny blue skies here in Kentucky today!



  1. Aren't the fall colors so pretty.......the rains have not washed the trees clean quite yet.....

  2. Such a nice day of exploring. Yes you do have to watch these back roads, very scenic, but narrow, windy and very fast driving locals.
    Travel safely.


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