Sunday, November 3, 2013


Thursday morning in Joplin was pouring rain - since we were quite comfortable in our Home Depot parking lot we decided to wait awhile. 

Derek spied a large Goodwill store across the road so we walked over to see if we could find some things. And we did of course - some books and magazines, two shirts for me and some clothes for Cassia.

We left Joplin a bit after noon. Not far to go - just up the road an hour or so to Springfield.

More great fall colours along the way. 

When we arrived at Springfield - we went right downtown and to our main destination - the Springfield Brewing Company. Since it was still quite early we decided to walk around the downtown a bit.

A nice collection of old buildings. Some renovated and some not. It was nice to see a downtown actively working on revitalizing. I'm sure that having a college and a university near by really helps. 

How could we resist stopping in a local cupcake shop for a treat and a coffee.

No, mom and dad didn't get much of this.

A neat little - and colourful - shop next door.

We enjoyed walking the pedestrian back alleys.

Nice to see they have a central square - Mexican style - sort of.

I took this picture more for the inside than out - problem is you can't see the inside - make sense. Looking through the window this pub looked like one of those Boston Pubs you see in movies.

After a few hours of that we headed back to the brewery. We decided to go in for a snack and a flight - a sampling of their beer.

Mmmmmmmm - very nice. The Mudhouse was our favourite - a coffee stout. We were having a hard time keeping Cassia entertained - although one of the waitresses was trying hard. Derek got distracted and forgot to get a growler of the Mudhouse and ended up with a couple of six packs of Abstraction, c'est la vi.

Alyssa - or Athena - our server, after all, it was Halloween. A swing dancer originally from Indiana.

Our plan once returning to the van was to head out to the Walmart. Problem was that our lights weren't working - hmmmmm. Guess we are not going anywhere - too dark for Derek to check the fuses. It was once of our worst overnights because we had parked on a busy street and it was Halloween after all - lots of young people passing by all night and heavy traffic.

We had realized earlier in the day that going down one of the HUGE drop offs that seem to be common in the US - our cable had dropped and had been hanging - and obviously being rubbed on the road. Ouch! It also, obviously, blew one of our fuses.

The next morning we headed to Auto Zone thinking that we needed a new fuse. Turns out that we had the fuse we needed. So - after a getting that done and Derek splicing the wires in the cable we were back on our way.

From reading my tourist book, Springfield has a ton of history and lots of things to do. This trip we just stuck to the downtown and the brewery - after all, we had another brewery to get too. No - it isn't all about the beer - but we did have to make it to Rolla in time for their home-brew seminar on Saturday. So - for people without a time line we suddenly had a deadline.

We are headed out today - nice that we have been able to stay in the Rolla Visitor Center these last few days. Consider their parking lot an official boondocking spot - they allow campers to stay - I asked - nice.

After quite a few cities we are happy to get back in the back country hills of Missouri. We are going to check out a few State parks and hope to get some hiking in while the sun is shining.

See you down the road - Cape Girardeau most likely.



  1. Good that Derek got the light problem fixed.
    We do love sampling new beers too.
    Did not know you were in Rolla, we are only an hour away would have been great to stop by and meet you guys.
    Travel safe and enjoy your tour.
    We are probably heading to the Mermac Caverns monday for a day trip.

    1. We did not get that far today, battery problems. We bought two new batteries but we are going to get the alternator checked out tomorrow. We are at the Lowes on hwy 63, Rolla :-) Stop in if you are going by early, we are by the garden center :-) Derek.

    2. Missed your reply, were just at Mermac caverns this morning and saw signs for Rolla on the way home. Maybe another time, good luck with your batteries. Will be heading right through there on Wednesday Morning but you probably gone by then.

  2. Good job Derek! Always great when you can find the problem yourself and fix it too on the cheap! Great pics and we love seeing Cassia! Have fun and we hope to see you guys.

    1. Thanks Chris :-) That problem was just the beginning. Now we have replaced two batteries and our alternator might need to be replaced. We will find out in the morning. Like the pictures of the mountains you posted , beautiful and I bet your weather is dry and hot. Might be in your neck of the cactus springtime.Derek.

  3. It is all part of the same problem Teresa, shorted wires. We did the same thing in 2010 and had to replace the motorhome battery. Too bad but like George says, you are fortunate you could fix it yourself.

  4. Do you still have your cat too? I didn't notice it listed by your "Our Family" photo.

  5. If you guys head north we are camp hosting at Babler state park just outside St.Louis. It's a nice park close to lots of things to see and do .


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