Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Before we completely loose our travel legs we decided to take a one day trip today - down to Greenville, South Carolina. Since we are so close to the NC/SC border here in Hendersonville, it wasn't a very long trip - just over an hour. 

We didn't leave until 12:30 pm or so - the shindig we were headed to didn't start until 5:00 pm.

A nice easy drive along the 25 - it helped that we are borrowing Curt and Debbie's Explorer to get around on short trips.

Cassia entertaining herself and us on route.

Through my research last night it looked like there was enough to keep us busy looking around downtown Greenville for a few hours. Once parked, we headed to Falls Park.

A VERY beautiful place with wonderful landscaping. Nice that the trees still have colours and leaves - there is about a 1000 foot difference in elevation between Greenville and Hendersonville. 

And look who we saw!? Canadian Geese! I told them we'd meet them down here!

Lots of stairs and pathways to take.

 A very photogenic place.

View of the falls from the bridge.

Me and grumpy Cassia - she had seen a gum ball that she wanted. Grrrrrr.

We then followed the pathway along the water. I had read that there was a Children's Garden not to far from the bridge.

Hard to see here, but that black rectangle under the glass is a waterfall. 

We enjoyed our walk through a well designed urban area - nice to see a well balanced blend of buildings and landscape.

Nice for us tourists to have a map to reference.

We arrived.

Interesting use of the area under the bridge. 

The garden is most likely a bit more engaging during the summer. 

Hmmm - sure could use some help for this caption. Anyone want to take that on?

We made a loop and came back to get a closer look at that waterfall. Sure must be nice to sit beside it in the heat of the summer.

Then a stroll along Main Street.

Joel Roberts Poinsett

A nice strip with so many trees on either side. 

We had run into the same fellow - Steve from Atlanta, Georgia, a few times during our walk. This time he took a picture of the three of us.

We were headed here - The Mast General Store. There is also one in Asheville and Hendersonville, but we haven't made it to them yet. I don't think we should try - talk about a BIG store.

And candy! $6.99 for a pound. Each of us put an item or two in the basket - well, a few more then a few for Cassia. Thankfully we only rang in at just under 1/2 a pound.

Lots of interesting products. I haven't quite gotten hooked on the southern specialty of grits yet.

And look! A dorky tourist looking at the map! We were trying to find a place to eat. In the end we gave up and decided to eat later. Downtown Greensville seems to be the home to more upscale restaurants.

We've never seen this before - have you? 

Back over the bridge to return to the truck.

The Michelin Man here on Main in Greenville - huh. Well, no we didn't go in. From the look of the pictures in the link we missed an interesting time and building.

It's hard to stop taking pictures of the red trees!

Can't remember who the guy is now.

By 4:00 pm our 2 hour free parking spot was up. Since we were done with downtown we decided to head out to Thomas Creek Brewery - it wasn't far to go so we were going to be early for tonight's Cask Night. 

Unlike other breweries we have visited - this one does not have a restaurant attached - it's in the Greenville industrial area. We were obviously one of the first. 

Hmmmm - kinda gives you ideas eh - the things you can do with a utility trailer.

The band, Emerald Road, was just setting up. As you know - we will go out of our way for craft beer but we will really go places when it is accompanied by the promise of good music.

Even food for the evening! We ended up sharing a VERY LARGE burrito from Asada for dinner.

The cask night was in celebration of the tapping of the Pump House Porter aged in Bourbon Soaked Oak Chips. You just gotta love the sound of that! See - we finally got some of that Bourbon the south is famous for.

Now that's a new one!

We certainly enjoyed the Celtic Folk music.

How can you not dance to this kind of music?

Cassia with sisters, Robin and Kristin.

Oh! And Derek drinking some of the fine brew from Thomas Creek. The $5 entry fee bought each of us a flight - 4 sample beers. Since I was the designated driver guess who drank both flights?!

Leaving the brewery at just after 8:00 pm we made it home tonight just before 9:30pm. It's 11:38 pm now and it's been a day. 

I wanted to get this post up because tomorrow we are off on another adventure - the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I doubt we'll be on line much since we are hoping to get some hiking in, in addition to visiting Gatlinburg. Fingers crossed that we don't get eaten by the sharks! More about that when we get back on the weekend.



  1. Thanks for the review of downtown Greenville. Such a pretty park and trail - another place for us to visit!

    1. Yup - put it on the list - we really didn't do the downtown justice - a whole day would be better..

  2. Well now I see what I've been missing.....been thru Greenville several times on my way to my brothers home in Newberry,SC....what a very pretty downtown area! And you got there while the trees still had their gorgeous red leaves....so pretty!!

    Safe Travels.............

    1. Yes, you should stop in next time BlackSheep! So pretty!

  3. Awesome post Teresa!

    Love all the pictures. We look forward to visiting this area this spring in our circle route of the US!! Thanks for doing the advance research work for us!! We'll be using this for reference!!

    1. Thanks Nancy! It should be beautiful in the spring as well - so many trees downtown and the park is amazing!


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