Saturday, November 16, 2013


Since we spent the night in Waynesville Sunday night, it didn't take us long to reach our friends place just outside of Hendersonville Monday morning - about an hour taking interstates 40 and 26.

Since we have never been here before we had to carefully follow our google map - not hard to find - I just didn't want us to miss the turn. 

A very nice area, an apple growing area. And - out of town - somewhat in the country - we like that.

When we arrived at Curt and Debbie's, two of their grandkids were visiting for the day - nice for Cassia. Nice too that there is room to run in the neighbouring cornfield.

And still some colour on the trees.

Later in the afternoon we decided to walk down to one of the apple farms we passed on our way in.  Do you see that little sign on the left - fried apple pies - well, Derek sure did!

Nice looking apple house - there are quite a few before this - we'll have to make the rounds one of these days.

Nice gift shop inside. I forgot to take a picture of our pies - they didn't last long. At $3.00/pie it was a huge splurge because they weren't huge at all. Sigh.

Lots of fun for kids on the lawn.

Cassia has never found a tracker that she doesn't want to climb up onto.

A view of our friends place from the corn field. It's a fun place to hang out.

Cassia also likes to take pictures - here's one she took looking from the deck to the field.

And her self portrait.

I can't say we've been doing much here - mainly enjoying visiting with our friends and enjoying non stop wifi. Cassia and I have been out and about with Debbie while Derek has enjoyed not being in a vehicle.

However, yesterday the four of us made the rather long trip to Asheville. 

It was a rainy day (another Cassia pic).

The closest we'll get to the Biltmore Estate - sadly. I was very excited about touring before I found out that it would cost a total of $118 for the three of us - with no charge for Cassia! As much as I would love it I can not justify the expense. Why oh why does it have to cost so much? 

And after that they want you to buy stuff! Sheesh.

I was only sad for a moment because just look at where we did go! And at no cost - well - not really right!? We dropped more here than we would at the Biltmore - but at least we get to enjoy our purchase bit by bit. What do we buy at TJ's? This trip - craft beer for Derek, $2.99 wine for me, coffee - including New Mexico coffee which we love but don't have very often, coconut milk, flaxseed tortilla chips with spinach, beets and carrots, greek yogurt, veggies, honey, apple cider, dog treats (that almost seem edible for us), and many more items. I usually get the olive oil popcorn but since Debbie has amazing popcorn from Ohio and an equally great popper I thought that I would hold off.

Another great TJ's shopping trip - and man the employees are nice at that place. We always end up having great conversations with them.

Our second night in a row of getting together for dinner. Curt and Debbie - our most generous friends and hosts are at the back right, the two fellows on the right are brothers - Meshach and Josiah visiting from Minnesota (living in the little house here on the property), and well, the three of us of course.

Yawn! Pretty exciting right!?

I don't know what I'm going to entertain you with over the next three weeks - our schedule is pretty empty. We'll try to keep it at least half way interesting for you. The only plan we have at the moment is to head to South Carolina - ha ha - not far - to Greenville on Tuesday. For what? Yup - craft beer. The Thomas Creek Brewery is having a Cask Night with music by Emerald Road (LOVE Celtic) - it sounds like a fun time.

If the weather permits maybe we'll take a good look around earlier in the day. I would still like to hit downtown Hendersonville at some point. Debbie and I drove through and it looks like our kind of place. There is also our Blue Ridge Parkway trip - we would still like to take the Interstate north to Waynesboro and then follow the BRP back. We'll see. Right now we are happy to be still and cozy.

Let us know if there is something we should see in Greenville, SC.

Has anyone been to Gatlinburg, Tennessee? It's another place we are considering visiting from here. How about the Dixie Stampede? It looks like a ton of fun for all three of us - but still - we would have to forgo other things to make room for it in our budget - worth it? Alternatively there is the Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies. 

Now, which would be best for a 4 1/2 year old?



  1. The Dixie Stampede will be costly, and personally I went to the one in Orlando (now CLOSED!!) and didn't really care that much for it!! I suspect the Ripley aquarium would be much more entertaining for Cassia.....let us know!

    Safe Travels..........

    1. I think you are probably right is most likely worth the $50. Thanks!

  2. Gorgeous area! Enjoy your "down time"!


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