Saturday, November 9, 2013


From Paducah we traveled on Interstate 24 down to Hopkinsville - then east on the 68 to Bowling Green. WoW! We were moving fast. Amazing how far you can get in a short time when you aren't on winding narrow roads!

We were sure much happier with the latter than the former. A nice ride through the Kentucky countryside.

Ok everybody from the South - what is this? Tobacco? Derek says Tobacco.

What we think of for Kentucky - large green spreads. We were really enjoying our rural drive.

Here's us driving right by the Jefferson Davis Historic Site. As we were approaching I read to Derek from my trusty tourist book that there was an obelisk to mark his birthplace. We decided not to drive in - but once we saw how tall it really was we wished we had. It was HUGE! 351 feet in fact.

We didn't really expect to see horse and carriage through this area. This was the second one we saw - Amish? Anyone know - we were just west of Bowling Green.

We stopped for the night in Bowling Green at the Home Depot. A great stop because HD is at the back of a shopping area still under construction. The next morning we watched - for quite awhile - as this helicopter worked at a construction site. Not a job we would want!

From Bowling Green it was a short drive up the highway to Cave City. If you haven't heard of Cave City - it is an attraction wonderland. Although now having been there I would say a sad and dying attraction wonderland. Not as shiny and new as it was in the 60's or 70's. Now, signs are left unpainted and things are looking tired. Derek and I remember the days when these types of places were at their height - it just doesn't seem the same these days. Nonetheless - we came for two reasons - Dinosaur World and Jellystone Park. 

Dino World was first - we arrived at about 10:00 am Friday morning - only one other car in the parking lot.

Yes, that's Cassia hugging the trash can! Ahhhh - the innocence of a four year old.

Over 150 life size dinosaurs they claim. There were a lot - too bad they were all behind ropes.

Shhhhh - don't tell - Cassia actually touched one! 

A mere snack for this guy I'd say.


The dinosaur trail branches out to the Mammoth Trail - this was fun because you need to walk a winding trail for a bit until the Mammoths come into view - Cassia was intrigued. Our own Mammoth hunt. 

A clone? Derek's wondering if they have a secret Mammoth living in some lab somewhere. Is Manny alive?

Since we own all four of the Ice Age movies and have watched them all many many times - the Mammoths meant something to Cassia.

Back on the dinosaur trail......

Odd looking guys!

No dinosaur world would be complete without T-Rex.

Little Foot and family.

The playground was the most popular.

The thing about kids is that they actually like to get up close and personal with their dinosaurs - something that was missed by the people that suggested the ropes.

Probably one of the most popular items in the park.

As well as the boneyard. Yes, Cassia looks very intent on digging for bones here but really she spent more time throwing the sand around.

The gift shop was HUGE so we knew we were in trouble with that one. In the end, Cassia was allowed to choose one toy. Since she already has many many dinosaurs this was the best choice.

In the end - Cassia enjoyed the movie and the playground the best. Which just goes to show that mom and dad should have been a little smarter and taken Cassia to a playground and bought her a dino movie - it would have been much cheaper than the $33 we paid for all of us to get in - and that was with a $3 discount because I had the brochure. Dino World was pretty disappointing - they should probably have kids design something like this - it wasn't really for kids at all. 

Just down the road from Dino World is Jellystone Park. Hands up - how many have been as a kid. Me - yes - Derek - no. We thought Cassia would enjoy it - plus - it was time for us to actually stay a night at an RV Park - electricity, wifi, dump station, water, laundry, and showers. We needed it all - well - except for the electricity - with our new batteries and solar panels we are good to go in this department.

It was still pretty quite when we arrived at around 2:00 pm (nice and early to get all of our stuff done) but since it was a Friday afternoon it became much busier.

What happened to the picnic basket? My sister and I stood in it for our picture. Ahhh - so much as changed.

The jumping pillow was a hit of course. But what is with 8 or 9 year old girls that can't seem to share. When we came they stared and pretty much snarled at Cassia for five minutes. These days, you have to be a mom with tough skin to accompany your child to the playground.

Nice that the playground was empty.

Since we could use our oven we were able to make the caramel apples that we have be promising Cassia for about two weeks now. 

Cassia was all excited to see Yogi Bear this morning as we walked up to him but upon arrival she folded - hid behind mom's legs and everything. I wasn't intending to be in the picture but it was the only way to get her close. 

That was our day yesterday. I can't believe that I am almost caught up - a rare thing indeed. We are making pretty fast tracks across Kentucky - it isn't catching our attention as much as I thought it would. One of the reasons is that everything seems to cost - which is normal I guess. But with every museum or tour having a price we have to be very selective. 

Tonight we are in Danville, following a missed train ride because of forgetting about the time zone change - darn! and a couple of hours touring Bardstown. Tomorrow we head for Pikesville - do you know what happened in that area?



  1. Yes, you are definitely in some Amish country, hence the horse and buggy! Know how to spot an Amish home?? There will be no electrical lines running to the house. And, most of their houses are plain white, often large.

    Safe Travels............

  2. Looks like you have been enjoying a few Cassia things lately, nice that the rain finally stopped for you.

  3. You aren't too far from where we live (when we're home) our home is just 60 miles north of Louisville in Indiana. While in Bowling Green did you go to the Corvette factory tour? It is pretty interesting. And yest that was tobacco - lots of it growing in that area.
    A week from tomorrow we'll probably crossing into Mexico. Enjoy your travels have fun.

  4. Boy, I'll bet that was a good day for Cassia, dinosaurs and all! Great pics of the Kentucky countryside.


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