Monday, December 12, 2011

Georgia on my mind

As much as we have enjoyed our time here in Montgomery it is time to move on. Tomorrow we hitch up - secure the cabin for travel - and find our way back out of this city. We are sad to leave our new friends as we always are - one thing about our trip is that there have been a lot of hellos and a lot of goodbyes or see you laters. 

We are on our way to Georgia which is very exciting because it is our fourth new state on our 2011 USA Tour. Our destination is Valdosta by way of route 231 through Troy, Ozark and Dothan Alabama. Dothan will be our first stop - not only because it is the 'Peanut Capital of the World' - oh my! but they have a Walmart Supercenter (food), a Camping World (dump + propane) and a Sam's Club (wifi + sleep). We will be passing over the Chattahoochee River (Alan Jackson anyone ?).

It should be a good day!

Unfortunately, we didn't see much more of Montgomery then the Church. We did venture a few blocks the other day to do our laundry. I did want to see the downtown with it's historical places but it didn't happen. I know this sounds strange but we see so much on our trips - sometimes we have to just stop looking for a bit. I know we will be back here one day - I am content in saying - 'I will be here again and I will see more then.'

Since we are back on the move Derek and I are once again discussing our route. This always seems to happen when we are getting set to get rolling - where are we going? how long are we going to be there? which route are we going to take? when will Roofous get a run? where will he run? and on and on. When we are stationary this discussion just doesn't come up - we start planning to move and it becomes our main focus.

Florida has been on and off our travel list numerous times. Florida is a bit of a trick because of the general rule of NO RV PARKING at Walmarts. Since we are on a limited budget and cannot afford to pay for many overnights we are at a bit of an disadvantage in this state. BUT we would really love to see it and would really love to be warm.

So we have a plan and this is it.

We are going to truck stop hop our way down and back up again. I know, I know - sleeping at truck stops is not our favourite thing to do. But really - I don't think we have been to a quiet Walmart EVER. (what we will do for a little warmth)

We plan to spend a night at Ocean Pond Campground in the Osceola National Forest.
This is not our picture it is from the blog Me and My Tent

So Flying Js and Pilots along I75 here we come! I have found through a few travel blogs National Forest and Parks that are not too bad in price, so it won't be all diesel engines. AND we will be staying a few nights at the Everglades National Park campgrounds sleeping with the alligators.

When I was Cassia's age our family drove down to Florida every winter. My dad worked in construction and we lived in Toronto so it wasn't too far to travel. Every year we camped at the Red Coconut Campground - this place takes up a huge part of my childhood memories in addition to listening to Lynn Anderson and Marty Robbins on the 8 track along the way. Anyway, since we will be driving by Fort Myers I said to Derek 'Don't even think that we will go by without going to the Red Coconut Campground!' I sat down and quickly looked it up - I found  Red Coconut RV Resort - hmmmm things have obviously changed in 40 years - including the price - $85 per night!

 I guess I will just visit my memories instead.

I can't wait for this - albeit the WINTER version!
*** If any of you travelers out there have some tips on Florida and where we can boondock, or stealth camp or inexpensive parks or forests, please let me know.

Other than that I don't have anything more to say at this point. Well I actually have a whole list of things but I am trying to stay on topic. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Winn-Dixie for a week of wifi!

So there you go end of post.

Thanks for visiting - have a great day or night depending on what time it is in your world. We would love to hear from you here in blogger land.


Today's Interesting Link: You may as well give Ray Charles a listen - Georgia on my Mind - I have been enjoying it while I have been writing.


  1. Enjoy your travel day. There are many pretty places to visit along the way. I am not sure how much a annual day pass is to the Florida State Parks but it maybe an option there are some very beautiful parks there but the day fee is a bit much. If you know you can make an annual pass worthwhile it might be an idea.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. I know of a WONDERFUL little place you should go see while headed south in Florida!! Look up and check it out!! They have 5 RV spots, reasonably priced! Get off at Gainesville for SR 24 west, stay in right lane...about 50 miles and you'll be in Cedar Key, FL!! The Low Key will be on your right...tell Pat and Cindy John L. sent you, they will take excellent care of you! Check out my blog at: If you go, I would love to hear about it!! Drive safe!!

  3. Hope you have good luck finding affordable stops in Florida, because that is our destination next winter.
    Wishing the very best for your adorable family !
    take care ... TnT

  4. Kevin and Ruth - Really good idea about the pass - I will look into that soon!

    BlackSheep: Welcome to our blog! I did check your site and added it to our blogroll - Quartzsite mmmm we were there this time last year. I see you also like To Simply's site. Thanks for the tip on Pat and Cindy - funny I had just read about them on Kevin and Ruth's site! I will have to go back to their site - I am sure I saw $35/night - not so affordable.

    TnT: You guys say the nicest things about me and my 2 travel companions! That's why these blogs are so fun we get to learn from each other!


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