Saturday, December 3, 2011

Natchez, Mississippi

"Natchez, was first settled by the French in 1716, two years before New Orleans, Louisiana, and is the oldest settlement on the Mississippi River. The city once boasted over 500 millionaires, more than any other city in the United States, except for New York."

Similiar to the other cities we have been visiting, it has a historic downtown and lots of history to see and read about. This is one of the best things about our trip this year. Derek and I love strolling through the historic areas reading the placards along the way learning about the history. Natchez is one of the best for placing boards to read around the neighbourhoods describing the history of the area and buildings.

Yesterday we headed out from the Natchez Welcome Center where we are parked to the downtown. We first went down to the river to 'Natchez Under the Hill'. This area was called "Natchez Landing at the turn of the 19th century, when it began to acquire an infamous reputation as "the most notorious spot on the Mississippi River."Here could be found the gaming halls and dens of vice where lawless villainy gathered, as well as bustling wharves, cluttered warehouses, shops and boisterous saloons." We walked along the remaining buildings and then back up - way up - to the downtown.

Natchez Under the Hill

While Vidalia has their riverpark right at water level, Natchez has theirs up above. Two different prepectives of the Mississippi River. We strolled along the walkway along the river and then headed into the downtown. We loosely followed the brochure walking trail. 

Looking north up the mighty Mississippi.

Natchez has many beautiful homes remaining all nicely renovated. We really enjoyed walking through the neighborhoods admiring the houses of all different styles. 

Stanton Hall, built in the 1850s and now owned and preserved by the Pilgrimage Garden Club, is considered by many to be the grandest of the Natchez mansions.

After so much walking we were happy to stop here for a coffee break. Nice place - be sure to stop in when you are here - the Owner was nice enough to bring out a cookie for Cassia.

St. Mary Basilica - the first Catholic Church in Mississippi.

Texada, built by Manuel Texada and believed to be the first brick house constructed in Natchez.

Greenlea - The Governor Holmes House - which was built in 1794 and was home to David Holmes, who served as Mississippi Territory's last governor and the state's first governor.

So that was our day in Natchez. We took many more pictures - too many to post. If you are ever this way we highly recommend a look around. 

We spent a second night at the Welcome Center parking lot surrounded by Christmas Lights. Today we are heading across Mississippi along the 84. 

Today's Interesting Link: Please visit the Natchez website to learn all about this great city!


  1. Hey you are making us look bad, because we didn't do any of those things in Natchez.
    When I showed Teresa your photos, she said now we have to go back ... LOL
    Glad you are having fun, take care ... TnT

  2. Ha ha! funny you should say that - today as we were driving through Mississippi I was thinking to myself - gee TnT were there for two days and I don't remember their pictures of Natchez. So then I thought you just didn't post the pics. So sad for you! Oh well - there is always next year - or the year after!


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