Friday, December 23, 2011

Beach Bums

Well - we have found something all three of us are really good at - being beach bums! 

We spent today at the beach!

Our morning started early since we knew we wanted to get a lot done today AND we were headed to the beach - finally! We were on the road by 8:30 which is really early for us!

Unfortunately we had to go onto the Interstate and it was crazy! But we survived and were happy to see exit 250 - our off ramp which would take us to the 41.

The 41 was a nice easy ride to Bradenton where we turned right on the 64 taking us to Anna Maria Island. 

When we got there we weren't sure where to go. We passed a beach but kept going and stopped at the Visitor Info - which was CLOSED. I checked the large map on display and we decided to go back to the beach. So - we really didn't see the Island.

We spent about 1 1/2 hours at the Manatee Public Beach and really enjoyed ourselves - you should have seen Cassia! 

We weren't there a 1/2 hour and were treated with a dolphin sighting! WOW!

The picture of the dolphin - nope didn't get it!

Cassia has found her place - she didn't need any encouragement from us to play, swim and run.

Since it was lunch time and we knew that there were more beaches we packed up and moved on down the 789. We didn't get far since we found a new beach which looked much less crowded and had a sign for RV parking.

Now this was the spot - Coquina Beach. A pullout with picnic tables, grass and lots of shade for the animals. PLUS - we could walk to the beach which was even nicer with less people! We realized that the other beach was THE BEACH.

Derek having fun in the water.

Cassia and Derek having fun in the water.

So - it was a day of doing it all - we walked the beach, we played in the sand, and we played in the water. It was a hot day and all of our skins are feeling it tonight!

I do feel for all of our friends over in the west where it is a bit cooler right now! We know all about that after a cold and windy winter in Arizona and California last year. That is one of the reasons why we came this way this year - chasing the sun.

Back to the beach tomorrow. We were going to head to a State Park for a few nights down the 41 but we love the area so much we are attempting to boondock in the Sarasota Home Depot tonight - wish us luck. We are so desperate we are willing to hear 'that knock'. 

I do believe that sand is going to be a constant for the next little while - doesn't it just get everywhere!

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Today's Interesting Link: We are here in Sarasota Florida! We drove around a bit looking first for the Sam's Club and now the Home Depot. Sam's Club had no overnight signs so we had to move on. It is a nice looking town - very clean. It even seems to have an Amish District as we passed and Amish market and restaurant and saw several on the sidewalks bicycling. We may go back to try the restaurant - IF we can find it back.

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