Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dothan, Alabama

With such warm temperatures and a shining sun this morning, we decided to do some cleaning on the trailer while we were getting it ready to travel. Having a fridge close at hand I emptied our fridge yesterday in order to de-ice our freezer. So with putting everything back today and Derek vacuuming the rest and opening the windows we were thrilled to be leaving with a clean trailer.

Since we took our time this morning we didn't leave until around 1:00 following a leisurely and enjoyable lunch with Pastor Steve. I was even able to squeeze in the making of rice krispie squares for us to enjoy along our trip.

Route 231 one is a nice 4 lane divided highway through more rolling hills and beautiful trees. We rolled through Troy in no time.

We decided to stop in Ozark - it was around 2:30 and we had lots of time to make it to Dothan before dark.

I read to Derek out of our Alabama Official Vacation Guide

'Kidzone at Steagall Park - Community built playground valued at more than $250,000 but costing only about $10,000. Built spring of 1997 by more then 2,000 volunteers.' 

WOW! I thought.

It must be some kind of playground at that value - Cassia is going to LOVE this. We did have her pretty couped up in Montgomery and we were sure she would want to get out and run.

Of course - we had no idea how to get there!

We drove into Ozark off the highway - when we reached the downtown we knew for sure that we had better stop and ask. Well - I knew for sure that we had better stop and ask. Since the downtown looked quite nice we decided to take a stroll around at the same time.

Memorial to the fallen Confederate Soldiers provided by the Stonewall Jackson Chapter.

Nicely decked out for Christmas, downtown Ozark isn't big but it has charm. Once that was complete we asked a lady for directions. Good thing we were both standing there because it was a 'take that road - turn left at the grocery store - then turn right - then it is on the left - you'll see it' - all very clear looking back.

We found it with no problem but I have to say my heart sank at bit as we drove up. It was all one colour - grey! Boy - I feel for all of those volunteers -  I am sure this playground was A LOT of work. I think the Playground Building Committee missed a step though - I think they forgot to ask the kids about what they like. There is a lot of wood to this place but not much else. Thankfully they didn't actually spend $250,000 on it!

We are becoming quite the playground connoisseurs and this one just doesn't do it. The wood was nice because all the donators names could be carved in the wood - but so can everyone else's. And can you say SPLINTERS! Oh well - Cassia took a few tours of the place and a couple of slide rides. As usual Derek stood with Roofous and spoke with all of his fans - Roofous's fans that is. Plus we had time for a coffee and snack.

 Surrounded by beautiful trees though.

We are now nicely situated at Sam's Club after a much needed shopping trip to Walmart. Although we are practically parked on top of the building our connection is rather slow and I am looking at a battery charge that is quickly disappearing. A little girl I know wanted to watch Winnie the Pooh and the Bear in the Blue House while waiting for dinner. This is the second time we have parked at Sam's Club - we are pretty impressed - it is just after 9 pm and only 7 cars in the parking lot - quiet!

I don't think we will get a chance to see downtown Dothan - I think we are totally downtowned out right now. I few days ago I was considering it - I was wondering what the 'World's Smallest City Block' would look like. But that was solved by Glenn's recent post on To Simplify - he was here a few days ago and posted these pics. We could have also been talked into the Dothan Area Botanical Gardens but I have a feeling that there won't be that much to see.

Although I might be wrong - have you SEEN our temps! We are sitting here in a comfortable 51F right now with into the 70s tomorrow I think!

Night y'all - thanks for visiting!


Today's Interesting Link: Newschool Nomads is my latest favourite site. Jenn, Brent and their two boys Thing 1 and Thing 2 - and their animals - are traveling around in their RV for a year. A nice looking site - designed by Brent and Jenn's posts are fun to read. She also has a link to her other blog Girl Heros.

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  1. Yeah, that park could use something---maybe splashes of COLOR!!! Pretty boring looking place...wonder who set that $250k value??


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