Friday, December 2, 2011

Gum Springs, Kisatchies National Forest, Louisiana

What a real treat being able to camp 'in the trees'! I feel like we went for on a camping trip - a nature break. It was nice after all the activity of Natchitoches to spend some time enjoying the quietness of the forest.

We pulled into the Gum Springs Camground off 84 and parked in the no fee area. While I stayed with Cassia while she was napping in her seat, Derek and Roofous went to take a look at the campground - decide if we were going to stay and choose a site. Since there were no other campers we had quite a decision to make. We chose #16 since it had a view and quick access to the lake and a water tap near by.

Once parked and Cassia awake we took a walk around and of course went down to the lake. What a beautiful spot! A bit cool in the shade by nice in the sun.

A hardwood forest with both coniferous and deciduous trees.

Following this picture we went back to get Cassia's rubber boots on - and then she fell in the lake!

It didn't take long for Derek to get the fire going - our first since early October back at the cabin. We went on to cook burgers and french fries for dinner. It was nice for Derek and I to be able to sit by the fire into the night while Cassia slept.

The cats finally got to come on a walk with us! Willow, Snow Toes and Moonashee.

The next morning - with the fire started up again - Derek cooked us sausages and eggs for breakfast. We slowly got ready to leave since we knew we only had a short trip to our next destination, Natchez Mississippi.

While Cassia and I were still working on getting going Derek took this early morning picture of the fog on the lake.

Yaaaa for me - Derek is cooking! I must find more places we can have a fire!

After a lengthy conversation with the FPO - the park manager - talking about the park, the trees and plants and comparing notes as park operators - we got back on 84 headed to Winnfield for gas and then east to the Mississippi River.

Today's Interesting Link: Since we are in culinary heaven with us so excited about trying new foods here in the deep south here is a link to the culinary section on Louisiana's travel website. So many things to try. We were in a restaurant last night - the Sand Bar that had frog legs - not sure if either of us will be trying those this trip.

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