Friday, December 2, 2011

Vidalia, Louisiana

After our leisurely morning at the campground Thursday we continued east on the 84 to Winnfield. It was time for gas and filled up at a price of $3.249/gallon.

Here I must stop and point out at the irony of missing a direction sign because of looking at a map. Oh yes it would be easy to blame the driver but alas as the navigator I really messed up. At Winnfied we were to continue on the 84 so imagine my surprise when after going a fair distance outside Winnfied for my eyes to see SOUTH  167. 167! We were headed to the city of Alexandria!

Well I proceeded to make a bad situation worse since we had gone further then I had thought! I could not remedy our situation until we got to Bentley where we turned onto route 8 and back north to the 84. It could have been worse, I think we only drove about 20 miles more then we should have. But again, as you can imagine, very quiet in the truck.

We finally made it Vidalia and the Mississippi River. I had researched ahead and knew that the Louisiana Visitor's Center was by the river and so we followed the signs and drove down. So thankful we did. Although we were leaving Louisiana we will be back along the Gulf Coast and so went in search of some information. The ladies at the Center were very generous with their time and I learned some good information about routes at the coast. The one lady also offered to take our picture in front of the river.

The 3 of us at the Mississippi River!

Looking across at the Under the Hill area of Natchez.

The bridges over the Mississippi.

Cassia running to and.......

touching the Mississippi!

We strolled along the river for a bit and then headed to the Sand Bar the restaurant suggested to us by the  Visitor's Center ladies. We had missed lunch and Derek wanted to finally try some southern food. We shared the Catfish Platter complete with 5 pieces of seasoned deep fried catfish, fries, hush puppies and coleslaw. Yummy!

Now that is was dark we headed back down to the river park to drive by the Christmas lights on display. The town of Vidalia and businesses have provided the display which was complete with lights, music and display boxes. We drove slowly with your windows down listening to Christmas Carols and looking at the displays. With all these lights and music we are sure in the Christmas mood - hard to believe it is still 22 days away.

The best picture we could manage - the entry to the Christmas display with the beautiful sunset behind.

Christmas Eve on the Bayou.

Cassia enjoyed the train going through on this display.

After the lights we drove over the Mississippi River - sorry no pictures driving over the bridge as it was dark - and into Mississippi. Just over the bridge is the Mississippi Welcome Center - were we spent the night.

Today's Interesting Link: Since we just crossed into Mississippi you may as well have the link to their tourism website.  Take a look around!

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