Monday, December 19, 2011

Valdosta, Georgia

Well, what can I say! Valdosta! The last few days have been great! While we were in Montgomery I learned of the Grace Fellowship Bible Church through a facebook friend. I thought I was seeing things because I knew that we were planning on driving through Valdosta - and what do you know there is a Rightly Dividing Church there! 

A few facebook messages later and Pastor Lou was welcoming us to stop by and park at the Church! 

So glad we did!

The Church had a nice - and large - lawn area in back.

Our neighbor - a praying mantis - he was on Derek's coat and hand but those pics were blurry.

Pastor Louis with wife Lisa and daughter Imani.

We weren't there long when Pastor Lou arrived to greet us. He was soon followed by Maude. Maude - one of our new bestest friends! Maude treated us to a meal at Bojangles (Chicken & Biscuits) - yum! 

Thanks again for everything Maude - you are welcome to travel along with us anytime! 

Teresa and Maude.

Cassia showing off Tigger with Pastor Lou.

Cassia sure has enjoyed all the church playrooms. At the GFBC she was even able to sit in on Sunday school with other children - a first!

A trip out for ice cream after our Sunday Bible Study.

We truly enjoyed the fellowship and edification we received from the Grace Fellowship Bible Church and Pastor Lou's Sunday teaching. To watch Pastor Lou visit the Church's YouTube Channel.

More new friends to add to our list on our 'Grace Trail of Fellowship' so named by our Sister Pamela. We just can't get over how truly blessed we have been by the Church's we have been visiting!

Thanks again to everyone at the Grace Fellowship Bible Church - see you later!

Thanks for visiting! 


Today's Interesting Link: We are headed to the Osceola National Forest for a day or two - we are in need of another 'nature break'. I am sure Cassia is looking forward to the playground and Roofous to the trails. We are looking forward to a quite evening. 

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