Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I thought I was dreaming......

You may know - or you may not - that Derek and I have been pining for a Class C Motor home for some time now. We were going to work on selling our truck and trailer to buy one last summer but we dragged our feet and it didn't get done. Oh well we thought - we'll get one more tour out of them and get on it first thing next spring.

Well - as we have been traveling around our desire to switch has been increasing with every mile. Soon we were asking ourselves - WHY WAIT?! Let's just do it! So - here I am with some very exciting news! 

YUP - we took the plunge!

I would like to introduce you to - our new home!

There she is - isn't she a beauty? A BTouring Cruiser by Gulf Stream.

Cassia getting settled at our new kitchen table. Look at those skylights!

I can't wait to get cooking in here - an oven - finally.

Look at all that floor space for Cassia to play!

Endless amounts of closet space.

All the moving in and sorting out - what goes here - what goes where - was going well until Derek interrupted me. Huh Huh?

I was DREAMING! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

You didn't actually think we bought it did you? :)

I guess Derek and I have been talking so much about looking for a Class C next spring and how we were going to deal with the animals and such that I dreamed about it! 

The truth is today started much like all the others. We had breakfast and packed up. Cassia and Roofous visited together for awhile beside the Sam's Club parking lot where we spent the night.

We did stop at Camping World just down the road - we had a look around at all of their expensive stuff, we bought some liquid for our tanks, we did drool over the rigs and we visited the sani dump. Then a quarter turn around the Dothan Loop and we were back on US 84. Ahhhhhh the 84 - the same highway we took through Mississippi into Alabama. We left it to venture north to Montgomery, but here we are again - and still - NO REST AREAS! a shame for such a nice road. 

We passed over the Chattahoochee River - alas - no where to stop there either.

As such we lunched at the Bainbridge Visitor's Center. Although we are not in Georgia for long I still wanted to grab some info just in case. Glad we did since I noticed that Thomasville - just up the road - has a great historic downtown.

Was that me that said we were downtowned out last night?

Cassia with her beloved sticks in the cup - now on to berries. Barefoot as usual.

Derek taking pictures of trees.

LOOK at the length of those needles! The Longleaf Pine we believe.

Since we didn't have to go far - 35 miles or so to Thomasville, we spent the afternoon in the VC parking lot - doing dishes, playing with sticks and play-doh, hanging out on the internet. 

We had decided to go straight to the Walmart and get a full day of touring in tomorrow and so here we sit wedged between Dollar Tree and Walmart. This has to be one of the busiest Walmarts we have slept in - missing our Sam's Club tonight. I probably should have looked up the location of the Home Depot instead. Oh well - it has quieted down a bit - all is well here with the Wood Clan.

Expect some great pics of downtown Thomasville soon - hopefully tomorrow night.

Thanks for visiting! 


Today's Interesting Link: Florida - I am now back full force researching Florida. Last summer I came across this site by Florida native Robin Arthur Draper - Authentic Florida. It is such a beautiful site to look at isn't it - makes you want to go there right away! It looks like a great resource - now if I could just find enough time, a full battery and a strong wifi signal! If you can't make it to Florida this is a good way to feel like you have.


  1. Do you have a goal location in Florida, or are you going to tour? There is a lot about Florida to love. None of it is Lake City, but a lot of it is nearby.

    For us full-timers with intermittent connectivity, would you ever consider putting your word thingie on the same page as the comment box? [It's my pet obsession.] That eliminates one page download, which can sometimes matter. No pressure, i'll keep reading either way.


  2. Make sure when you take the plunge that you really do get a gas oven, and not just a micro/convection. The gas oven allows you to use the oven when boondocking whereas the micro/convection requires you to be plugged in.

  3. The Good Luck Duck - ok - so no go to Lake City - we are just touring - down and back up again - to see what we can see. We need to be back up to Plant City for a conference Jan. 6-8 - other then that no fixed schedule or plan. Any tips you have would be great! Don't really want to go to the east side though....

    K and R We would DEFINITELY get a gas oven Kevin - but thanks for the reminder!

  4. Yikes - Roxanne - please tell me what you mean about the word thingie - I will definitely change it - just don't know what to do!

  5. I think she means that you have to go into the options of your blog...go to "settings" and then "comments" and then change the comment form placement to "pop up" and change word verification to "no".

    This will mean you will probably get a bit of spam, but it gets moderated anyhow and has not been a problem for us.


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