Wednesday, December 7, 2011

PEE-can or Puh-KAHN?

How do you pronounce PECAN? Here in the southeastern USA we are obviously in pecan country.  Being from the north and Canada we say PEE-can however we have noticed a bit of a blank stare in these parts with that word. Here it is Puh-KAHN. No matter - we love them and we stop for them!

Priester's Pecans is at exit 142 on I65 just south of Montgomery for your future reference. We highly recommend stopping we sure are glad we did and are still enjoying it now. Priester's has been a family owned pecan supplier since 1935.

The first stop was a trip upstairs to watch the candy making process. Cassia was able to stand on a step and look through the windows at all the activity going on below. A few of the ladies looked up and waved which was fun for us. We then headed back downstairs for a look around and the advertised free samples. Of course this is a smart thing to have because well - you get hooked on the candy and just have to take some home. I dare anyone to eat some samples and then walk away empty handed.

Priester's Pecans - a very popular place.

The prices are fairly steep and so we could only choose a few items. After much debate and going around in circles we purchased a small pecan log - nougat center rolled in caramel and pecans, and the Fiddlesticks - dark chocolate, caramel and pecans. We also got a holiday flavoured coffee - of course.

Derek riding the horse because Cassia wouldn't.

We went back to our trailer for lunch but promised ourselves we would return for a second round of viewing the extensive shop and country store.

Dad and Daughter enjoying the front veranda and rocking chairs.

Of course Cassia liked the larger chairs better.

While strolling around the second time a lady asked us if we had been in Georgiana earlier that morning which of course we had. She had actually recognized us as the 'beautiful dogs owners' ha ha. She with her mother and her mother's friend (who lives next door to Keith from our Georgiana post) had seen us walking around town. We stood out because 'we weren't from around there'. Georgiana is one of those towns where everybody knows everybody and so the four of us walking around on a Monday morning was obviously something to talk about.

We had a nice chat with the three ladies - actually I am sure we could have sat down and visited with them the rest of the day. We didn't get their names unfortunately - hopefully they leave us a note so we can add them here. The two older ladies were in their 80's - but didn't look it - and had lived in Georgiana and area all their lives. So happy to have met them - and there again - we met more wonderful people here in the state of Alabama!

What a great day - we managed to dawdle through the day in a small area making our way north. It was time to find the Grace Bible Church on the north side of Montgomery. Instead of the I65 we took the 31 to the 14 to the 9/331 which brought us up to the 80/82 on the south side of Montgomery. The 80/82 took us to the 80/231 which took us to the 231 which should have taken us to the 80/Atlanta Highway. But we missed that road and ended up on the Wares Ferry Road also the 64 which was ok because it took us back to the 80/Atlanta Highway to Cecil Lane! Got that? Yikes! Thanks to Derek for getting us here safe and sound in the dark, rain and rush hour.

We are now here parked behind the Church enjoying some rest after a week of steady travel. We are here to hear Pastor Jerry Lockhart from the Berean Bible Church in New Braunfels - where we were two weeks ago. For 3 days Jerry is speaking on the book of Acts and we are looking forward to learning that part of the Bible. In the meantime we have enjoyed the hospitality, generousity and fellowship of Steve Gotberg, Pastor of the Grace Bible Church also a rightly dividing Church.

Today's Interesting Link: We will most likely take a trip downtown Montgomery before we leave. It is a very interesting place with a lot of history from the Civil War to Civil Rights. Why not visit Montgomery's Chamber of Commerce Website and take a look around.

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