Thursday, December 22, 2011

Micanopy, Florida

Micanopy, Micanopy, Micanopy - how we love thee! 

We are totally smitten with a little gem of a town called Micanopy here in northern Florida. So much so that we could almost just stay here and say forget about the rest of Florida - nothing could be better then here! Only 1 mile from the Interstate.

Our NEW most favourite place! I know, I know you have heard that before - a few times right? - but this time it is the complete truth.

Leaving Ocean Pond Campground we hit some backroads in order to get ourselves back on the interstate without returning to Lake City. A beautifully quiet drive through well mainly trees. It only took the 20 miles or so of the six lane interstate 75 for us to realize that that crazy road is NOT for us!

Thankfully I had read in one of the only really useful books I picked up at the Welcome Center about Micanopy

The little book read "Micanopy - A Jewel of a Town. Experience the oldest inland Florida settlement and delight in Micanopy's tradition of charm and Southern hospitality. The town is brimming with friendly people, cafes and unique shops filled with antiques, collectibles, folk art and decorative fare."

It sounded like our kind of place.

And although all that is true - no words can describe this little gem of a place and do it justice. 


We started with lunch at the Old Florida Cafe - how could we not have our first 'Cuban' sandwich especially since the price was right at $5.95 each and they were a really good size. We enjoyed them out on the patio and had a nice conversation with a couple, the fellow used to live in Micanopy.

Cassia working on a really large piece of the Cuban.

Once lunch was over we headed out to take a stroll. Now, downtown Micanopy isn't big - just one street lined both sides with nicely restored buildings. And - it is mostly antiques. No matter - we were just soaking up the ambiance. You see the pace is slow here - like a place that time has forgotten. People are mulling about - there are seemingly few cars around - it is a cool, hip, and funky.

We eventually came upon The Shop. Now the outside of The Shop reveals nothing about the true magnificence that is held between it's walls. I do realize that I have gone on about other shops in previous posts - and I did mean all the things I said.

BUT - The Shop - is the most beautiful shop I have EVER been in! At the moment - the most beautiful Christmas shop I have ever been in. I could have taken fifty or more pictures of all the vignettes that have been created in this store that goes from one amazing room to the other!

It must truly be a labour of love for Owner Marlene and her employee!

The beautifully decorated upside down tree greets you as you first walk in.

Pink! Perfect for my sister and her husband! 

We seem to find all the rocking chairs on this trip - Cassia won't go by one now with out a trial ride.

One of the places our handy little book mentioned about Micanopy was the Mosswood Farm Store. As we strolled along the main street we easily found it up ahead. It was about the same time that we noticed the playground! Yikes!

The three of us headed into the Store but soon Derek was on his own as Cassia and I headed over to the playground. There were a few older kids around but Cassia was on a mission and headed straight up to give the slide a run. This is the kind of slide that almost shoots the kids down and out. I have been working on teaching Cassia to slow herself down but she was having way to much fun landing full out on the nice white sand.

Cassia only went on this super fast slide a few times - the rest of the time she was trying to become one with the sand - I think she likes it! Boy - she doesn't know what is ahead with all the beaches.

The Micanopy Museum - we didn't venture in but it sure is a great old building to look at.

As we headed back to the truck we knew that our time here was short since we had to get to Ocala to spend the night at Walmart (we were going to give a Florida Walmart a try). 

Maybe we could park here for the night Derek says.....

We asked the lady in the store that we were parked in front of. She directed us over to the store across the street. I wandered in to talk with Cheryl of the Micanopy Canopy Connection to see what she thought. Cheryl figured it would be fine since it is such a sleepy little place - which is what we were thinking. Well that was enough incentive for us and so we stayed.

Billy and Duncan - two new friends. Billy lives in Florida, Duncan in Boston. Duncan was nice enough to take some pictures of us with his impressive camera and is going to email them to us.

While I was working on dinner, Cassia and Derek wondered over to the musicians they saw in the gazebo. There they found Billy and Duncan with Billy playing his recently purchased ukulele. It only took mentioning to Derek that is was a good instrument to learn strings on that Derek was pining for his own ukulele. 

After a peaceful sleep in downtown Micanopy we headed first thing to Leonardo's the ukulele seller. And thus Derek (and Cassia's) musical career begins!

Ahhhhh - Micanopy - how we love thee!

We were sad to leave this town and our new friends - we have promised them and ourselves to return. We are so serious we are going to consider renting a place there next winter so that we can become Micanopians! 

Thanks for visiting!


Today's Interesting Link: Well, since we are here in Florida I should link the Florida website in case you want to plan your own trip to this beautiful and really warm (right now) State. We have yet to see a beach but are really enjoying the central section filled with trees, rolling hills, agriculture and cattle/horse ranches.


  1. Teresa, you should consider working for the Micanopy Chamber of Commerce, because we are SOLD on visiting this town.

    It sounds like how things used to be about 50 years ago !!

    I sure hope you aren't tired of hearing this, but darn ... Cassia is just too cute !!!

    Take care guys ... Trent and Teresa

  2. ha ha! thanks guys! that would at least pay for our stay there if we rented!

    I do hope you do go here! It is like 50 years ago - the people that live there are so fortunate!

    If you do come this way next year I would love to be able to pass on what we have learned along the way!

    Of course we never tire of hearing about Cassia - although the truck and trailer have had moments of being to small recently! Apparently we do everything wrong these days and Cassia needs to direct us! Sheesh - at only 2 1/2! Her loving nature gets us through this of course!

  3. What an interesting little town. Do you think there is any dry camping in the area? Looks like you had a warm sunny day to explore it. Wonder if Derek tried the Farm Store coffee & pastries. I like stuff like this. Homemade usually. I think the Ukulele is a great idea, it does not take up much room either. Cassia is such a sweetie.. Going now to check out more on this little town. Just read about some boondocking in Ky. & Tenn. I try to plan ahead in case we have to go south from ON. instead of west ! Have fun ! Kelly

  4. I love Micanopy! So much that I posted about it twice, although readers were unanimous that once was more than enough.

    I'm making a bet with myself about whether Blogger will spamate this comment. I say it will, because of the links, but I say it won't because ducks are lucky.

  5. Hi Teresa,

    This may be a long comment - hope that's o.k. I'm a new reader of your blog and as soon as I publish this comment, will be a new follower. Normally when I find a new blog, I read a few posts and if it seems like someone I can identify with, I'll go back and read the entire blog from it's beginning like reading a book. That's what I've done with you and as you can see, am almost caught up. But couldn't pass up the post on Micanopy (you almost caught me at Thomasville because we love it as well). Yes, it is a wonderful little place and so "old" Florida. Those places are becoming fewer and fewer. I'm so glad you found it. We spend a month in Florida every January and seek out these places from our base in Flagler Beach, another quirky little village that time forgot. When you return, check out some of the bike paths close by - they are so peaceful and wonderful. Even without bikes, they are worth an afternoon stroll or half day hike.

    My blog is part healthy living/weight loss, part travel and part hiking blog. We are currently traveling in New England for seven weeks and this very rainy morning in Meredith, New Hampshire found me relaxing and doing some blog reading. I look forward to getting caught up to current with yours and following along your adventures as you meander around. Love watching Cassia grow....she's growing very quickly since I'm reading your blog from day 1!! LOL!

    Take care,

    1. Hi Sharon
      WoW! Thanks! What a nice note to read with my morning coffee! I'm so glad you found us. So nice to write with someone that has enjoyed Micanopy as well. How fortunate are the people that live there, although the summers must be awfully hot and humid. I hope we get back there someday - it is so far from here to there!

      Thanks for the link to your blog - I've checked in and will again - soon I hope! I'm always happy to find a new blog to follow! Until we can get over to your side of the USA - TN and up there in New England your pics and stories will suffice.

      Funny - opposite side of the continent but we have rain today too! Good day for some blog reading!


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