Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mississippi in a day

We have been away from our blog again for the last few days - travel days with no wifi for any length of time. Sorry! We are now here in Montgomery Alabama thankful to Winn Dixie for their complementary wifi. I have yet to be in a Winn Dixie so I will have to walk over and see what they are about.

Following a morning of final internet checks as the Natchez Welcome Center we headed out of Natchez east on the 84. We did not have a destination in mind since I couldn't find an affordable place to stay for the night. Actually for Mississippi I couldn't find enough information to determine if some of the parks were open, and if they were, the fee for overnight. So we were just going to wing it!

Route 84 through Mississippi is a great road - 4 lane divided. The complete stretch - 175 miles to Waynesboro is treed. Lots of trees mixed with agricultural land - this is a cotton growing area. We stopped for lunch in the town of Monticello because there are no - none - zero - rest areas the whole length of this highway! Amazing! As we were wondering where to stop I read about a park in Monticello with a viewing deck of the Pearl River and so that is where we headed. A small park but a large enough parking lot for us to pull into for lunch. On our way back to the highway we did pass the city RV Park - but at $15 for the night we decided to carry on.

Just outside of Laurel we thought we were seeing things when a gas station was advertising gas for $2.95/gallon! All day we had been paying $3.19 to $3.29. Of course Derek quickly drove in so that we could fill our tank. Well, wouldn't you believe that as we were driving through Laurel the price when down to $2.86! Oh well - $2.95 was good for us - the 2nd lowest price this trip so far.

By the time we got to Waynesboro it was getting close to dinner and darkness so we spent the night at Walmart. A couple from Missouri on their way to Florida drove in soon after.

The next morning Derek and I were trying to decide which way to turn to get back to the highway. He was sure it was left while I thought it was right. After so many times pulling in and out of places I guess we start to get them confused. We drove over to the Wendy's to check google maps but we could still not resolve the issue. Since I saw a couple in the parking lot I decided to go ask for some help.

The nicest couple - Jennifer and Don - were happy to give us directions. Derek came over and we ended up talking with them for a while. Wonderful people - a great conversation for which even Cassia came out of the truck to participate in. Thanks Jennifer and Don! it was nice to meet you and we hope you drop us a line some time!

If you can believe I have no pictures for this day!

Today's Interesting Link: I don't have a link for Mississippi so I will add a blog that I check once in a while, she is also on facebook. Ponder the Path is Jasmine's blog a mother of 6. She covers topics of motherhood, nutrition, recipes, natural health, homeschooling, homsteading etc. Some of my favourite topics.


  1. Majority of Home Depot's in the U.S. also have free wi-fi. Also, we've never been turned down when we asked if we could park overnight, and they're a whole lot quieter than a Walmart if that's your other choice.


  2. ha ha! so funny you should say that Kevin. I was going to mention that this was the loudest Walmart yet - so much so that Derek vowed never to do Walmart again! They have become the social hub of many cities.

    Thanks for the tip - I didn't realize that Home Depot will let us park and wifi to boot!

    Hope you guys are having a good trip - without wifi I am behind on my blogs!

  3. I have always wanted to do to Mississippi, thanks for giving me a glimpse into it.

  4. Hey Ayngelina! thanks for visiting - I love your blog! sorry - not very many pics - we will be through Mississippi again along the coast in February some time.


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