Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thomasville, Georgia

Thomasville, Georgia

"Plantations, museums and historic home sites are located throughout Thomasville and offer glimpses into the grand Victorian Era, during which Thomasville was known as the 'Winter Resort of the South'".

We got an early start this morning and headed down Jackson Street to the Historic Downtown of Thomasville. As we always do we stopped in at the Visitor's Center. Following a signing of the register and gathering our information we headed to the street - Broad Street was our first destination.

Ready to go - Derek and Cassia in the Visitor Center's cozy courtyard.

This is the first time I have seen the listing of businesses this way - very effective.

Broad Street is lined with old buildings filled with beautiful little shops - all decked out for Christmas. I could NOT go past this shop - Relish - without a trip inside - it looked like my kind of place.

Seriously - Derek and I could have spent all the money we have in this shop! (Unfortunately our travel budget is always on our minds)

If I ever got back into the retail business again - which I won't, been there done that - this would be the kind of shop I would love to own.


As you many have noticed from previous posts - no downtown trip is complete without a stop at the local coffee house. In Thomasville it is Grassroots.

Our names are Teresa and Derek and we are coffee addicts. 
Yup - that's us. We have sampled our fair share.

Grassroots Coffee is a five star coffee as is Oso Negro Coffee in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. Have you ever been to Nelson? It is a great little town - one of our favourite places in SE British Columbia.

They roast their coffee on site.

We walked north along Broad Street to our next destination - The Big Oak. This is the third old and large Oak Tree that Derek and I have visited. The other two were both in Texas - near Goose Island and in Landa Park, New Braunfels.

With all this walking it was time for lunch. We had many choices of restaurants downtown - all sounding good from Jonah's Fish & Grits to the Old Mexico Mexican Restaurant. Our love for pizza took us today to Moonspin Pizza.

Now first let me preface this by saying that Derek and I eat A LOT of pizza - A LOT. So much so that I make it regularly just so that we can continue to enjoy it without the cost.


An exaggeration you say - you know where the best pizza is?

Nope - it's here in Thomasville, Georgia!

Everything was right about the pizza - I don't even think we could tell you why it was so good - it just was. Obviously it has something to do with the dough being made fresh each day and the local ingredients - they have partnered with local farms.

We have had a few more perfect moments on this trip then we deserve but I will have to add this one to the list. Great pizza - great companions and Lionel Richie singing Sunday Mornings - ahhhhhh.

Cassia is looking like such a big girl in the picture isn't she?

After such a wonderful meal we were ready to take on Dawson Street. This street is lined with beautiful trees and landscaping and many of the noteable houses in Thomasville. The picture below do not do the houses justice and I took many many more pictures then I show here. Just like Natchez! Each one we passed we liked more then the one we just passed - they were all so nicely restored - most date back to the 1880's. Here is a sampling.

The Charles Watt House - originally built in 1885 and sold for $4,000 in 1887. 

The Lapham - Patterson House. Built by Chicago shoe manufacturer Charles W. Laphan circa 1885, this Queen Anne style home is one of the first winter cottages built. It cost $4,500 to construct - 19 room home was ahead of its time with hot and cold running water, gas lighting, and built in closets.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the house is that there are no square rooms or right angles in the main structure as required by Mr. Lapham.

(Info taken from the 2012 Thomasville Visitor's Guide)

One of our favourite houses we could see ourselves living in.

Having worked off our pizza with all that walking we were ready for dessert. Once again Cassia was promised an ice cream which we had seen back on Broad Street at Izzo's Soda Fountain.

This site has been the home of a drug store, Izzo's Pharmacy, since the 1920's.

Cassia enjoying the dutch chocolate ice cream!

Thomasville, Georgia - who knew? Well, now YOU do - we highly recommend a visit to this beautiful city with it's well preserved historic downtown. 

Thanks for visiting - now on to Valdosta.


Today's Interesting Link: You may have noticed comments coming through from The Good Luck Duck - well here is the link to Roxi and Annie's blog! They are in Texas (ahhhhhhh Texas) right now having come straight across - in seemingly record time - from Florida. They have been blogging for a few years now - so veterans I'd say. Also, they have a huge list of links on the left side of their blog.


  1. Teresa, you totally had me fooled on the Class C... too funny.

    I really, really enjoyed your post today. Teresa and I also LOVE pizza.

    Hope you have a quiet night tonight !!

    Take care ... TnT

  2. Magnificent older home pics!! A beautiful area, and a charming downtown!! Worth a stop for sure!


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